Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday Stash #6

Long before I discovered it, there was a gorgeous Denyse Schmidt line called 'Katie Jump Rope'. By the time I did discover it...on the Denyse Schmidt was long gone from shelves and shops. (Told you I am often late to the party!)
Anyway, the smart-thinking Kristi from eaudebean had put some away for a rainy day...and I just happened along to her Etsy store in a downpour. Thanks Kristi. I bought her collection of 24 FQs. There are a few more from the original collection that are missing but these are happy together.
Yes...a total investment indulgence but I think this is my favourite DS collection. I am so attracted to all the bright colours and especially salivate over the brown colourway prints. I have a crush on brown. Not many fabrics come in brown. Thank you Denyse!

And because the order was a bit delayed, Kristi popped in some 'cute-as-a-button' Japanese whimsy fabrics as well. Now isn't that nice...when she didn't have to? Some Etsy store owners have service above and beyond!

The Big Messing Up

Hot on the heels of the 'Big Tidy Up', week that was, this post is proudly brought to you by our family. After scoring a really great Real Estate Inspection report, (and a bottle of champagne from my husband as a thank you for all my hard work) real life resumed with full force. It took just one day for things to from perfect to putrid!

thankfully now looks slightly better...
 Fran's room after 'rest time'...!
 Tristan's room after 'rest time' too!
And even our bedroom!
Arrrrrrrgh! Houses would be clean without people!

But to be husband did cook and serve me breakfast in bed this morning..andI got to watch Stephen Fry's World on iview. Bliss!


  1. Nice score on the Katie Jump Rope. I have admired that line, too. I hope that maybe DS will do a reprint like she did for FMF.
    Congrats on the great house report, and my sympathies on the "back to normal", :). I so know what that is like. A clean area is a magnet for clutter!

  2. Clean areas in my home rarely last beyond ten minutes after my husband gets home. He seems to see clean spaces as a personal challenge. Who needs kids? One husband seems to be plenty for me!

  3. Oh I love the big mess up photos! Not just my house then huh? ;)Clean up and five seconds later it looks worse than before!

    Nice fabric stashing this week! What do you think you'll make with it?

  4. I think Katie Jump Rope is probably my fave DS range too. I moved away from quilting for a while, and it was seeing this and some American Jane a few years back that got me right back into it :).


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