Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Finishes

Setting a goal on the first of each month has definitely helped me to achieve a lot more in March than any other  month.

March Finishes

1. 'Gelato' scrappy log cabin QCA bee - finished 29/3
2. 'Gelato' scrappy log cabin QCA bee (back)
3.  'Gelato' scrappy log cabin QCA bee (binding)
4. Quilted book covers - 
5. Duck notebook - finished 4/3
6. Happiness notebook - finished 7/3
7. Dolly Quilt 2 - finished 10/3
8. Dolly Quilt 3 - finished 10/3
9. Little Dolly Quilt A & B - finished 14/3 & 15/3

Block Finishes

 Craftsy March 'String' block - finished 4/3
 Craftsy March "Broken Spider web' - finished 3/3
March QCA bee blocks in grey/black and gold - finished 2/3

Unfinished Projects

The only project I didn't finish was the basting and quilting of this gorgeous 'Fussy Fairytales' quilt in Heather Ross 'Far Far Away 2 & 3' fabrics.

That will go into the project list that I will create for April. That starts tomorrow - Yikes!

What about you? How did your March list of projects go?

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  1. Great March finishes Fiona! Especially the gelato quilt - that's a mammoth task! Well done! :)

    I'm loving the Fussy Fairytales quilt too - can't wait to see how that looks all finished!

  2. great finishes! they are all lovely :) I can't wait to see your fairytale quilt finished :)

  3. Love your use of colour - yum.

  4. Love that Fussy Fairytales quilt and those notebook covers...fantastic!!

  5. well done you fiona - gelato looks stupendous - didn't we do a good job??? :) - great to see it finished. love your other stuff too - very busy girl!

  6. Oh wow! You have been busy. I love your gray black and gold blocks!


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