Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Foundation Piecing

String Block

This month, March, the two blocks from the Craftsy BoM are based on foundation piecing. 
So I took out my BoM mixed stash of greens, blues, yellows and browns.
Then I cut strips of 2.5" from each (the leftovers can be used for a scrappy binding later). I then cut these into varying widths of 1"-2.5".
1. Cut four 6.5" squares from the base/solid/backing fabric.
2. Mark the diagonals and sew the first strip 1/4" from the marked line, and press flat.
3. Sew on the next strip, with right sides together.
4. Continue sewing strips all the way to the edge and then switch to the other side to the 2nd marked line.
5. Sew strips of varying width onto this side and press flat.
6. Turn over and trim off the excess strip ends from around the foundation fabric.
7. Turn back and marvel at how good it looks.
8. Do 3 more blocks and sew all 4 together pressing the seams open.

Broken Spider Web Block

1. With the foundation fabric and cut a square 13.5". Then cut through the diagonals to make 4 large triangles.
2. Finger press the triangle in half and mark a spot 1/4" from the edge. On the diagonals mark a spot 7" from the end. With your ruler on these spots, draw a straight line connecting them to the first spot halfway along the hypotenuse.
3. Sew the first strip on and then the 2nd, but hold the foundation fabric back out of the way so that the strips are only attached to eachother and NOT the foundation fabric.
 4. Similar to the string block, sew strips of varying widths from this line to the edge, 
5. Repeat the process on the opposite side.
6. Turn over the triangle and trim off the excess strips.
7. Then remove the foundation fabric by slicing 1/4" from the first strip.
8. Then admire your handiwork again.
9. Lay out the blocks. 
10. Sew together pressing the seams open.
11. Admire the view.
Here are all my 6 Craftsy Blocks together.

Meal Plan Mondays

One of the benefits of a meal plan is the layover. This happens when meals that you planned and bought for are not used and can layover and be cooked the next day or week.

Last week I had planned 2 meals that did not happen and so they appear again on this week's menu. Can you deduct which two?

Here are our home made burgers sizzling in the pan.
I have been reading through 'Losing the Last 5 Kilos' and so last week I changed my breakfast and lunch menu to include wholemeal muffins and crispbreads, egg and more leafy greens such as rocket and baby spinach.

I have been tracking my meals but only 1kg of the weight has shifted so far. Very frustrating.  

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  1. Really loving the turquoise fabric in your BoM blocks. It's amazing how different the blocks look just with that simple change. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt when you're done!

    I think I to organise weekly menus. I bet it'd cut down on the grocery bill!

  2. You make them look so fast and easy. :D They look terrific. Yep, I love the turquoise, too.


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