Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunday Stash #5

Last month I participated in the 'Vintage Fabric FQ Swap' with Green Tea and Red Nails. Kel had a massive job collecting, sort and redistributing all of the FQs we posted. 
My collection of 40 FQs arrived safely during the week and I found a few delicious surprises in amongst the stack. If you participated in the Swap this February you might see some of the ones that you donated.  

I am collecting yellows blues and oranges for a vintage sheet quilt planned for later this year.
 Then there are some whimsy ones that I just like.
If you participated in the Swap this February you might find some of the ones that I donated. Can you see them in this pile?


  1. You got quite a few lovelies. I'm finding myself being more drawn to oranges and yellows lately. I bet the quilt you have planned will be so nice.

  2. oh yay! glad they arrived and you like them! i can see a few of mine in there :) looking forward to seeing your creations

    kel x


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