Monday, 16 September 2013

Chicken Coop Spring Clean

Spring has brought warm days in the 20s so I tackled the chicken coop. 

We have a lot of native birds that feed around the chicken run and consequently they bring lice and mites to the chickens.

I had read online that a White Wash (builder's lime mixed with salt) is a lice and mite inhibitor.

I mixed up a batch for the inside of the chicken coop using 4 cups salt, 12 cups lime and 9 L of water.

 The first mix was too runny and so I added less water for batch two. 

It also brightens up the inside of the coop. 

I also used some of the excess decking oil to paint the timbers inside the coop.
And sprayed the door.
There is more to do but it is looking better already.

Just in time for Spring!

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