Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Stash #80

Thank you to Vera of Negligent Style for hosting Sunday Stash Last week. 

This week Sunday Stash is hosted by Audrey of Hot Pink Quilts so please head over there to link up.

Feathered Companions

Life around Highlands has been keeping me super busy these past few months. I find that I have less time for sewing. Managing house repairs and five acres is very time consuming.

The chickens have been keeping me company out in the garden this week. So I am dedicating this Sunday Stash to the chooks.

I found these two prints recently at Spotlight and bought half a metre of each.

Farmyard Prints

These two I inherited from my mum's stash a few years ago.

This one features some chickens.

This one features none!

So what's new in your stash this week? See you over at Hot Pink Quilts for the party.


  1. Lots of chickens there! What do you have planned for them?

  2. You are now known as "the chicken lady" !! Lovingly of course xx

  3. Now, I want to know what you're going to do with this chicken fabric? I have a good friend who keeps chickens, and he is so sweet and lets me come and visit his "girls". Love it! :)

  4. I'm kinda scared of chickens in real life but I love a chicken print on fabric. Go figure? Cute stash additions!

  5. I quite like the cows. Not sure I could cut it up!

  6. fun! my mom and dad have chickens, and i bought her some chicken fabric a few years ago! love your barnyard prints :D


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