Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Great South (flooded) Land

Well the flood crisis in Victoria and the south west slopes, Riverina and plains of NSW continues.  On the weekend, parts of Gundagai were well underwater as the Murrumbidgee River swelled to near 1974 record levels. 
Sheahan Bridge crossing the flooded Murrumbidgee River at Gundagai - Monday 5th March 2012
My husband worked as an engineer on the duplication of the Sheahan Bridge, across the floodplain, in 2007-2008. So a second of his flood evacuation bridges came under pressure to perform in the same week. It held up swimmingly. See video here.
Even the spiders had to head to higher ground as the floods rose.
Last night the Murrumbidgee River came about 10-20cm short of breaching the levies around the city of Wagga Wagga. 9 000 people had been forced to evacuate the night before. 
And as the floodwaters spread out and isolate farms, livestock, roads and properties, the towns further west are also bracing for their inundation. We pray for mercy on Forbes, Griffth and Leeton.

WiP Wednesday

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

the dolly quilts were feeling very neglected so their creator selected some vintage sheet fabric. 
Cut and taped it to the tiled floor.
Threw down some batting and laid on the quilt top.
Then pinned away watching 'Deadliest Catch' reruns. Sig made his crew do a 40 hour grind to make the quota, Keith lost his temper with another greenhorn, Jonathon was on the crab again and Phil was recovering in hospital after a blood clot in the lungs.
And so Dolly Quilt #2 & #3 were basted.
The creator then  used a 'King Tut' variegated thread in pale green, yellow, pink and blue and shadowed the ditch in SLQ - Straight Line Quilting.
She tossed up the idea of quilting on the diagonals but the centre squares were already appliqued and she wanted to keep it simple.
Now the Dolly Quilts #2 & #3 were quilted.
And happy because they looked very matchy matchy...
on the front and on the back.
After much agonising, she decided on another vintage sheet to make binding. And that's as far as the dolly quilts got.

Notebook #4

I did have a bit of fun making another notebook cover though. This time I used 4" squares that were from a scrap bag.

Here they all are looking delicious together.

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 2 notebook covers
                                            2 Craftsy March blocks
                                            6 'garden gate' blocks in grey and gold for QCA March Bee
New projects - 1 = baste and quilt 'HR Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' quilt
On Hold 1 = Feb  scrappy log cabin quilt - once all the blocks come in
Currently in progress - 1 dolly quilt to be basted
                                             - 2 dolly quilts - basted, quilted and ready to be bound.

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  1. I pray the flooding stops. Great pics. Your backing is going to be unique. I've thought about using sheets but I've never done so. Maybe I will give it a try. Thanks for posting.

    1. DeAnna be warned, upcycling vintage sheet is a bit addictive....hehehe.

  2. I hope the flood has stopped by now.
    Your baby quilts are so beautiful. Love the note book covers,too.

    1. Ah the floodwaters take a while to follow the inland river system of Qld, NSW and Victoria before they hit the sea in South Australia. But it does rejuvenate them after so many years of drought. Thanks for your compliments.

  3. I can't believe we have escaped all of the flooding rain here! Love your projects Fiona, especially the note book covers!

    1. I agree...we are usually the ones with record rainfall and floods. When we lived in Tumut in 2007/8, the Blowering dam was down to 9% so I can't imagine it at 86%. Would love to go back and see just how different it looks. Notebook covers are addictive too!


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