Friday, 23 March 2012

The Big Tidy Up #4

Thrifted Thursday

I am not sure if other blogs use this phrase or if there is a linky...but I am going to start sharing some of the little goodies that I pick up at 'thrift' stores...or as we Aussies call them 'Op-shops'.

This week I found...

 Vintage pillow cases for 50c each at Lifeline Ballina.
and a cute sugar bowl for $1.50 to put my sewing threads into.

The Big Tidy Up #4

Today is the LAST day of 'the BIG TIDY UP'. Thank goodness! It's been a lot of tidying, purging, re-organising, cleaning, shifting, tweaking, re-cleaning (especially windows) and telling my kids to not get more stuff out "because the man is coming on Friday". My  husband put a bit of effort into the kitchen and family/meals area after work and reading with the kids. Definitely helps to have a supportive partner.

Lounge Room

When we first saw this room we couldn't believe its size and the grandeur of the parquetry flooring and triple double doors with sliding doors out onto the outdoor area. We nicknamed it the 'ballroom' because we really did not even have enough furniture to fill it.
It was full of packing boxes for at least a year. Then enroute to Coffs last March I stopped off at a furniture store and on a whim went inside. I bought a 3 piece lounge suite for only $1400! It is light grey and slightly retro. 
It was great for filling up the huge space. It became the inspiration to get the lounge room looking more like a living space than a storage area.

My little library nook where I can read comfortably and have a cup of tea on the coffee table.

Kitchen Again

Always in need of constant cleaning and decluttering in any house. I tackled the fridge door.

and the pantry (not that the real estate will look in here)
Command Central

I moved my bread-maker out of the space so I could move my 'Household Organiser' folder in.

I have 2 smaller displays folders for local attractions and local restaurants/take away brochures. 
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  1. You've done such a great job with your major tidying! Hope the inspection goes fine. Then you can sit down with a cuppa and enjoy your beautiful, organised house! And maybe plan your next project because I bet you need a bit of sewing therapy after all that tidying! :)

    1. Oh my gosh yessssss! I am in sewing withdrawal for sure. I am sitting in a spotless and tidy house right now enjoying it for another hour until the kids get off the bus and mess it all up again. Sigh!

  2. Hey Fiona,
    Lost your email address and used an old one but didnt' get a reply. Are you still good for hosting TGIFF next week?


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