Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Big Tidy Up #2

I don't expect to get much sewing done before Friday's Owner and Real Estate Inspection. Even with a decluttered house, cleaning just takes large amounts of time, and there is a sizeable list of cleaning jobs to do. But back to 'the big tidy up'.

Sewing/Guest Room

I had done most of the decluttering on the weekend but I still needed to take down my new fabric wall and a few other things I had pinned to the curtains and wall. I also cleaned the windows inside and out, window frames, sills and skirting boards. It rains a lot here and so there were some spots of mildew in sections. I've yet to bring down the cobwebs.
 Yes this is the view from my sewing table and ironing board.  
It is pretty soothing.

Pied Butcherbird
Most days there are plenty of  pied butcherbirds (my  favourite bird) and Australian magpies (2nd favourite) chortling their melodious choruses from the trees, grass or roof. 
Female magpie...or magpipe as my kids call them
See a black and white theme emerging here? 
Currawong....much more timid, tuneful and dapper than a crow
Lately they've been joined by a family of currawongs down from the high rainforests of the Nightcap Ranges.  
And also  what I suspect to be newly arrived extended families of blue-faced honey-eaters and blackbirds from goodness knows where! 
Then perhaps once a week we will have a wallaby hop into our yard to nibble on some native vegetation, lawn or just have a nap in the shade offered by the bushes. It's not the usual occurrence for families in Australian I can assure you. 
'Tickles', in March 2012, all grown up and nibbling in the font yard
We happen to live out of town in an estate that has a building covenant on it - no fences and no domestic pets. That way the native marsupials (echidnas and wallabies) are free to follow their traditional rainforest corridors without restrictions and fear of attack.
 It's a lovely way for my kids to grow up with native birds and animals (although one day we would like to have a schnauzer!) surrounding them. Next week my son's class has to prepare and present a talk on a pet and so he is going to do one of these native ones...he's not sure yet which.
'Mama Wallaby' with new baby 'Nibbles' poking her head out to munch on the grass. Poor focus sorry.
Mama Wallaby has had a joey every year (poor thing) that we have been here, so we have nicknamed them   all - Tickles (2010), Giggles (2011) and now she is carrying baby Nibbles in her pouch.
'Giggles' directly outside our kitchen window. She is still small.

The kitchen is the centre hub of the house and thankfully the layout of this house is conducive to this premise. I have rented in 2 houses where the kitchen is cut off from some vital lines of sight such as meals areas and family rooms. This house goes even better because the open-plan allows me to keep the computers and laptops out in the public domain.
To the left of these is my central storage unit - the ever so practical Expedit by Ikea. 
Directly opposite from this is my kitchen window and sink area. This is the inspection shot.
This is how it looks on a good day. 
I use two foam squares to save my feet and legs from standing up most of the time.
The wonderful benchtop...doubles as a fabric table quite nicely.
The stove top has been thoroughly cleaned with a special Ceran paste. The oven is quite clean thankfully. I never use the toxic oven cleaners whilst our children live in a house but only on the moving day. 
The front of the fridge needs a major declutter by Friday, but it shouldn't take long.
As a gift to myself, I even oiled each of my wooden cutting boards.


  1. You have such a lovely view from your sewing room. Do you find it hard at time to focus on sewing with the eye temptations going on outside?
    Great pictures of the birds and Wallabies, it sounds pretty keen to see them so close and often.
    Good job with the cleaning, everything looks nice and neat!

  2. Oh that view!! So jealous! I don't even have a ROOM for my sewing stuff, let alone a view like that! :)

  3. LOVE the view from the sewing room! Jealous! Thankfully since a few weeks ago I got to change my house around, and I at least have a window (and there is a garden outside) which there wasn't in the last sewing-machine-home room, but it's still nothing compared to yours :-) Just saw a link to my blog, Thanks!


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