Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Finishes

Thanks to Kristy from Quiet Play, and Mosiac Maker, I was able to come up with a mosiac of the finishes I had this month. It's nice to look at these and feel a sense of accomplishment for a month of long lasting work - unlike housework and cooking.

So here they are L to R, Top to Bottom

1. Scrap Bag log cabin bedside table mat - for him
2. Scrap Bag log cabin bedside table mat - for her
3. Scrap Bag stacked coin dresser runner - for the master bedroom
4. Sweetwater Designs notebook cover - for my 'To Do' book
5. Notebook cover - for my Finances/Budget book
6. Craftsy Feb. BoM 'Balkan Puzzle'
7. Craftsy Feb. BoM 'Chunky Chevron' 
8. 30 mini activity bags - for the Pre-Kindy
9. 6 QCA Bee Feb. scrappy log cabin blocks
10. 'Little Girls' Pre-Kindy seista quilt - for my daughter
11. 'Little Girls' Pre-Kindy seista quilt (back) 
12. 5 extra QCA Bee Feb. scrappy log cabin blocks

After making many things for others in 2011, there's been some nice projects that will benefit my family and I for a change.

To Do First in March

1. Quilt Club Australia QCA Bee March 'Garden Gate' blocks
2. Crafsy BoM for March - I hear rumour that there might be a string block
3. QCA Bee Feb. Scrappy Log Cabin - sew blocks together, baste, quilt and bind
4. Quilt dolly quilts #2 and #3
5. Baste and quilt dolly quilt #1
6. Baste and quilt Far Far Away #2/3 'Fussy Fairytales' quilt top
7. Finish notebook cover #3 for my friend's birthday - due Fri March 9th
8. Sew a cover for my Janome sewing machine
9. Sew a cover for my overlocker.

That should be enough I think. I don't my commissioned quilt customer from Feb. is going to follow up so I will have more time.

I am linking up with To Do First at Lawson and Lotti. It sounds like she is moving to Australia from England - better warn her to bring her wellies and mac - we call them gumboots and raincoats here. 


  1. It looks like February was full of lovely projects and that you have a lot of fun things to do in March!

  2. Lovely items in your mosaic - am intrigued by your notebook covers - where did you get the pattern from, or are they your own?

    1. Thanks Leanne...yes a mosiac helps you to see what you've done. What have you planned for March?

      Ah Pennie...just a warning, they are addictive once you make one. But they are based on the notebook cover pattern from Sweetwater Design. See the post called 'Something Sweet' and it will guide you through the process. Please come back and share. I am thinking of doing a few more with larger squares or rectangles...less seams to match up.

  3. Excellent work on the mosaics!

    Looks like you have some fun projects coming up in March too. Can't wait to see what you do with them! :)

  4. Great projects, Fiona! I especially love your notebook covers. I'm crushing on that Sweetwater fabric big time. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! and I look forward to seeing what you do in March -- more great projects on the go!

  5. Wow what a lot of work! Was it you who volunteered to host on tgiffriday site? If so you are a no reply blogger still!

    1. Ah Laura...yes I did volunteer to host...I still have to sort out that 'no reply' but I am a bit lost around the dashboard and following the steps I have found online. I will try again this week. I am a bit tech-challenged I am afraid.

  6. So many lovely projects Fiona!!

  7. You have done so many lovely projects. I really like the book cover.

  8. Thanks for linking up, great projects, hope you are doing well with your March To Do's I am so behind on mine! Lucky I have the excuse that I moved continents! Do you still need gumboots where you are? We are in Port Fairy, VIC and luckily didn't get hit with the floods. If you email me I can talk you through the no reply thing if you want


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