Thursday, 1 March 2012

An extra day!

I had a finish this week. My very long table runner, slated for the top of my bedroom dresser, was quilted and bound. I had planned to just shadow the ditch but it meant only 4 lines of quilting  and was very lacklustre. So I went to 2 blogs for inspiration: this block by Jess of 'The Elven Garden'

 and this block by Kristy of 'Quiet Play'.

From what I can gather both ladies did 1/4 inch distances between the triangular lines, however, I wanted to keep the fabric and design soft, so I opted for nearly 1/2" distances.
I knew that I needed something geometric to give the central strip some character and texture. So, taking my trusty 6.5" ruler I set to work making the diagonals with a washable marker.
I used a walking foot.
I was afraid that it might be too stark, so I put out a call to my online Quilt Club Australia' friends for opinions. No one though it was too minimal. 
I like the use of negative space in design. I did seriously consider a small triangle opposite the point of the negative space, but thought it might like too trite.
Then I used up some scrappy binding and added some more....
and was "this close" when I ran out. Dang! Inset new piece of binding and join the ends together.
Then instead of pinning, I decided to try a bobby pin method I'd seen on Pinterest. It seemed to work quite well and much faster but next time I will put them in upsidedown.
The scrappy binding looks much better then the tone on tone brown I auditioned.
The new look dresser table top.
Beside table - his
Beside table - hers

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1 = Scrappy "Hope"  table runner 
New projects - 1 = baste and quilt 'HR Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' quilt
On Hold - 1 = Feb  scrappy log cabin quilt - once all the blocks come in
Currently in progress - 1 notebook cover,
                                             - 3 dolly quilts - 2 of them are now backed, basted and ready to quilt.

I am linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced....lots of other goodies out there today.

'Heather Ross Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' quilt top ready to baste.

My mum pieced this one and she altered Kate Conklin's pattern by making the coloured frames floating and adding more blocks. It is just gorgeous and the linen blend fabrics are so nice to work with.


  1. I think your runner looks fabulous Fiona! How lovely my star block gave you some ideas! And yep mine was 1/4" lines - but I think yours looks fabulous at 1/2". I really think that the straight line quilting put the perfect finishing touches on the runner :)

  2. I love how you did the quilting on your table runner. It's so neat. It looks great with the picture on it. Congrats on a finish!

  3. Thanks Maxine and Kristy. Yes the picture frame was always there but just on the bare wood. The photos are from 4 years ago when my daughter was just a week old.


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