Monday, 12 March 2012

Dolly Part-ing

Dolly quilt #1 was made back in January but never got past the patchwork stage. For some innate reason I left it and focussed on Dolly quilt #2 & #3. Now that they are quilted and bound I pulled #1 out again. I wasn't happy with the size of the other two quilts. Too large for a dolly. More suitable for a pram quilt. 

So today I unpicked the central seam and made one quilt into two. We could rename them Little Quilt A and Little Quilt B.

Basting was quite simple with a new can of spray adhesive.
I did straight-line quilting around the 2nd square in each block.
Little Quilt B still needs to be quilted but it shouldn't take too long!

Tweaking the Sewing Space

I was reading the recent post by Jess at the Elven Garden about how people tend to clean up their sewing space before taking a photo. I confess to tweaking this photo by removing the ugly office chair (gotta learn how to reupholster this one day) and to removing my dolly quilts from the top of the bench.

Under my bench is my 2 scrap bins - one for the Preschool and the other for saving. The table and drawers are from Ikea.

Next to my sewing bench is my ironing board (rarely used for ironing clothes, mind) and my new idea of a design board. Actually it's a rubber backed curtain remnant that I pinned to the top of the window frame two summers ago to combat the afternoon heat. Then as I was sewing the Scrappy Log Cabin blocks together - they were on the spare bed - I had a brainwave idea of pinning them to the makeshift curtain. Bloody brilliant!

At the 30% sale at Spotlight today I bought myself:

  • a larger Olfa self healing mat. No more running off and cutting into the table top!
  • some more flower top pins. I bent about 7  stitching on my dolly quilt bindings on the weekend,
  • an air dissolving fabric pen,
  • packet of command hooks,
  • 2 x 50cm May Gibbs gumtrees and wattle babies fabric,
  • 2 x 50cm reverse polkdots in aqua and grey,
  • 2 x 50cm of Denyse Schmidt blue gingham and small green spot,
  • precut bag of cotton batting,
  • a large can of Birch basting spray.
'A Field Guide to Fabric Design' arrived in the mail from 'Booktopia' last week.

I also managed to finally hang up all of my quilting rulers and tapes. Nice tweaking indeed!

I started filing sewing paperwork after I couldn't find where I had bought my Moda scrap bag from last year. I am thinking of putting my quilting patterns into a lever arch folder too.

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Meal Plan Monday

Our freezer is in desperate need of a declutter and so I hope to access at least one 'freezer surprise' meal this week.

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  1. You did a great job on the 2 dolly quilts from one larger one! Well done! :)

  2. Those made really sweet dolly quilts broken in two like that. And yeah, that was brilliant - using the window covering for a design wall. :D


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