Saturday, 24 March 2012

Stale Stash Swap

I can't really post a clean and tidy house as a 'Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday' but I sooooooooo want to! The BIG TIDY UP has kept me away from the sewing machine all week. 

I do want to say, however that TGIFF will be (GULP!) hosted here at Finding Fifth NEXT Friday - so I had better get my skates on and finish one of my two WiP March projects.

Also Lucy at Charm About You and Krista from Krista Stitched have got a 'Stale Stash Swap' happening at the moment. I am afraid that I am late to the party on this one owing to the frenetic pace of  'the BIG TIDY UP' all week.

I have chosen 7 novelty fabrics that I no longer need and am looking to swap them directly from your stash. If you are interested in any of these prints, please leave a comment  below with a link to your swap blog post and a description of what you are willing to swap with. I will get back to you asap. The link stay open for one week on the Charm About You post.
Charm About You

The Rules:
Offer a FQ to swap.
Must be willing to swap internationally.
Post the button and link up.
Update your post when your stash has swapped.

Here they all are...

6 0ut of 7 are uncut FQ doubles but I am willing to cut them up.

Just in time for Easter are these 2:

2 uncut FQs of Spring Tidings - Fabri Quilt Now in my Easter Give-away
2 uncut FQs of Aqua baskets - Me and My Sister Designs Now in my Easter Give-away

To get you ahead for Halloween are these 4:

 1 FQ of Orange spider from Spooktacular - Henry Glass & Co.  Swapped!
 2 uncut FQs of Orange jackolanterns spider from Eerie Alley - Robert Kaufman  Swapped!
 1 FQs of Lime Green tossed Halloween creatures from Spooktacular - Henry Glass & Co.
2 uncut (Australian 20"x22") FQs of Lime Green 'Eye of Newt' - Blank Quilting

Then this random country print great for an I-Spy:

2 uncut FQs of Farmyard - ? Swapped!


  1. I love the eye of newt! I'm no.4 on the list. I still have an fQ left of the swap fabrics except the wood fern =D

    1. Hi Cherie...Your page says 'gone' to most of the I am not sure if you have extra FQs. I like the 'pip' scarves and the Sandy Gervais. Would you like 1FQ or the 2 uncut FQs of the 'eye of newt'?


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