Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Little Dolly Quilt A and B

When last we left Little Quilt A and Little Quilt B, they were looking like this. I had taken Dolly Quilt #1 and split them to make smaller twin dolly quilts.
After quilting and zig zagging around the perimeter it was time to trim the excess batting and fabric away. I wasn't entirely happy with the basting spray effort of holding the sandwich there was a bit of unpicking and repinning with my usual basting safety pins.
I had just enough of the plaid blue and white pillowcase fabric left to make both bindings - phew!
 So the binding was sewn onto the front.
 Ironed and pinned using these colourful bobby pins ( a great idea I saw on Pinterest instead of using pins).
 Little Quilt A is done.
Florrie looks happy with it. She is waiting on a parcel of gorgeous new dolly dresses and pjs made by her creator, Emma of Jem of Mine Dolls. This is the first time her legs have been out of the mermaid tail since early January.
Little Quit B is pinned but I haven't sewn the binding through to the back yet.

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 2 pram/dolly quilts - finished and for sale in my Etsy shop 'Florrie and Stan'.
                                         - Little Dolly Quilt A
Currently in progress - Little Dolly Quilt B - binding made and sewn part way on.
                                             - Feb  scrappy log cabin quilt - quilt top sewn together and ready to be basted.
New projects - 1 = baste and quilt 'HR Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' quilt

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  1. Gosh you've done well with you all your basting and binding this week Fiona! Do you hand stitch the binding to the back or machine?

  2. Nice finishes Fiona. A very nice use of your 30s fabrics. And Florrie does look really pleased with her quilt.

  3. Those pretty fabrics are perfect for the doll quilts!


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