Sunday, 25 March 2012

Not too Late to the Zakka Party

You know my habit of coming late to the party...well hopping through some blogs this morning ( I am laid up in bed with VERY bruised toes from a stumble into the bowling lane at my 8 year old's party) I stumbled upon an upcoming Sew Along.

From what I can gather from Shape Moth and Very Kerry Berry posts...anyone can join who has a copy of the Zakka Style book. There's a flickr group and then a list of 24 guest bloggers who take it in weekly turns to feature one of the 24 projects. I am still waiting for my copy of the book from the Book Depository after failing to get a copy through my local 'Get Hooked on Books' store and NSW based Booktopia. I gather it is quite popular! You can however, pick up a copy from Stash Books the publisher.

I am not sure how many of the 24 I could manage to get done in 24 weeks but I will use the blog hop to motivate me.

Leaf Craft
At MOPS on Friday one of the mums had us making a simple craft with card stock, wire and sticks. Simple and very effective. 
We were all caught up making these and trying to get them finished before picking up the kids. I spent all of my time just gluing leaves onto wire.

So I took them home for Fran and I to wire on the twigs this weekend. 
The last job for the weekend is helping Duncan write and organise a talk on 'Pets' or 'No Pets' for school on Wednesday this week. He's decided to focus on the wild wallabies that wander around our estate and graze on our lawn periodically.


  1. Ooh that book looks good! I can see why it would be hard to get hold of. Before about 6 months ago I never realised what quilt alongs and sewing 'competitions' on blogs could mean to me but now I am having to say to myself "look Cassie, you've already committed to 52 projects in 52 weeks, 2 toilet roll covers, a travelling stash, making things for all the mother's group kids and your neices and nephews - stop joining up!!!" LOL. Lucky I don't have that book (...yet!)

    1. Now that is a sensible 'self talk' Cassie. I am only signed up to one bee block per month and one BoM with Craftsy. So I am not over committed this year. You have to pick the ones that interest and then fit into your life.


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