Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Big Tidy Up #3

Well today was HUGE! 

I thought that I might get a snippet of time to try and baste my 'Gelato Log Cabin', but the man with the pressure cleaner was able to come and do the outside windows, screens and eaves this morning. So as he blasted away, I was on the inside wiping up the water that found it's way in - and in some cases it was a flood. You should never get this done if you are out!
Anyway, the window frames and sills are all cleaned on the inside now. The outside looks amazing! And I also scrubbed the back verandah and tidied up a bit. 

Tristan's Room

I was able to set the other bedrooms into order earlier in the week.The boys both sleep in here.

Duncan's Room/Office

Duncan's clothes are kept in here and he uses the bottom bunk for rest time and the desk for homework but most of time it is a spare/play/now office room.

Fran's Room

Always lots of books and soft toys to wrangle in here. It's hard to get her to clean up without doing it with her at the moment. 

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WiP Gelato Quilt Top

 Take one log cabin block and 'nest' the seams to join it to the next block.

Do the same with the 2 block sewn on the row below.
 Keep working down the end of the column matching and nesting the horizontal seams.
 Top half of the quilt...
Top pieced together...

This week's stats:
Completed projects - Little Dolly Quilt A and B
Currently in progress   - 'Gelato' log cabin quilt - quilt top sewn together and ready to be basted.
                                               -  'HR Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' quilt to baste and quilt 
New projects - the whole HOUSE declutter and clean!!!! That's why no crafting since last Friday.

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  1. Yay for scrappy quilts! Very beautiful.

  2. i love the colors in your gelato quilt! Makes me wanna go fabric shopping!


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