Saturday, 17 March 2012

From Mumbai to Chennai

Instead of my usual Friday, spent finishing things up or at least sewing, I met with my friend Sue to do some planning. She was charged with MCing our first 'Bollywood' night with our local Women's Ministry. I have joined the team this year and agreed to help Sue MC and write a trivia quiz on India.

Now my experience of India is very limited - a sneak peak (while the rest of the passengers slept) out the window of a 747 afforded me the most otherworldly view of the cultivated plains of India below with the surreal chain of incredibly high Himalayas on the horizon at the same altitude; the DVD series' of 'The Footsteps of Alexander the Great' and the 'History of India' with Michael Wood; eating Indian food (our family's favourite restaurant choice); watching 'Gandhi', 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'Pavilions of Promise' and of course the Indian cricket team. But sadly not much else. I hope to amend that some time.
I have had many friends travel there over the years, including Josh Donellan who authored a book called 'A Beginner's Guide to Dying in India'. I did go to his book launch which was the last time I wore Indian get up. 
So Sue and I tried to come up with a few things for the night. We found two great Youtube posts with a lovely guy who teaches how to greet and count to ten in Hindi. And then a very stirring rendition of their National Anthem. I must have spent the next hour and half downloading software to download software to download Youtube and even then I couldn't open my thumb drive without more downloaded software. In the end I had to hand that tech stuff to Sue to take home.  Thankfully she got it to work.
Later in the afternoon I found time to write a trivia quiz on India. I will post a link later. It turned out quite well. I also turned to searching for ideas on how to decorate 'Bollywood' style and found a couple of great blogs and sites. You can check them out at A Creative Project , The Party Wall,  and Bird's Party. And this making 'marigold' craft activity too.

Now back to our Regular Program

Anyway there was a TGIFF yesterday. My last dolly quilt called 'Little Dolly Quilt B'.
And Sue had almost finished the quilt she was making for her first grandchild, so I asked her to bring it over to photograph. I think it is stunning. The pattern and quilting were done by her friend Karen of 'Rainbow Patchwork' in South Lismore.

Simply gorgeous fabric choices in both the front and the back. I love the tiny squares in the corner of each block.

I am linking up with at Quokka Quilts....


Himalayas from the air. 


  1. Hope the Bollywood night went well!! My sister's in India at the moment for a few conferences. It's been fasctinating reading her emails so far.

    Loving the quilts! The quilting on your friend's quilt is just amazing. I'd love to have a quilt professionaly quilted one day!

  2. The Bollywood night sounds like fun! I spent three weeks in India in 2001 -- it was fabulous, but quite a shock to see the poverty and disparity of living conditions. I'll never forget hearing Madonna's Like a Virgin in Hindi on the radio. What a fabulous culture! Your friend's quilt is beautiful - love that FMQ design! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!


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