Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Stash #7 and April 'To Do First' List

I know...2 weeks on a row of Denyse Schmidt fabrics...but this woman really knows how to design a winsome line. This is called 'Aunt Edna' and is a new line out in the US at Joann Fabrics - and so perhaps it will make it's way here at some stage so we can all be enamoured with it.
Who would have imagined that pink, orange, mustard and grey would live so harmoniously and merrily together? 
And the Scots part of me is cheering about the 2 tartan prints! The mustard one is not too dissimilar to the McLeod dress tartan  from my family heritage.

My lovely friend Simone from Local Honey Crafts was selling these 12 FQs which I snapped right up. 

'To Do List' on the First of the Month


QCA Bee - April block 'Diamond in a Square' by Kristy from Quiet Play
Craftsy April blocks - not sure what these are yet!
Zakka Sew Along - zig zag bag  4/4
                                - pincushion 16/4
                                - sewing kit 23/4 
Festival of Half Square Triangles - it's a quilting blog hop. Organised by Canoe Ridge Creations.
HR 'Fussy Fairytales' - quilt back to piece, then baste, quilt and bind.
Easy zip pouch 
Denyse Schmidt fabric table runner - not sure which pattern to use.

That list is already making me excited and yet sweaty just thinking about it. My kids will be on holidays for 2 of the weeks in April so I am not sure how much of this is realistic. But it's good to have something to aim at.

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  1. I like all the colors you have picked out and I the patterns are fabulous.

  2. Stopping by via Lily's Quilts. I totally agree about the colors - lovely.

  3. Hello, stopping in from Lily's Quilts. Love those fabrics! JoAnnes had a coupon sale a few weeks ago and I bought half yard cuts. Now I need a project.

    Do you have a project in mind?

    1. Hi half yards would be lovely. I am just going through my Pinterest board and pattern folder today - hoping something will jump out at me. Please share any of your thoughts too.

  4. Im coming over from Lily's quilts. Those colours look lovely - I don't think anyone in Canada stocks that either. Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Did you take the photo in your header? It is beautiful! Australia is somewhere I really want to visit someday.

    1. Yes...this is a photo I took one morning outside a property in the Tumut Valley where we rented in 2008. This was our view from the house. Very very special. to say that Vancouver is the 2nd most beautiful city I have yet seen.

  6. Hi! I'm over from Lily's. Don't you just love making to-do lists and checking things off? I do. I can't wait to see all you get accomplished in April.

    1. Thanks for stopping by then. Yep a list keeps me moving forward. Have you got an April list?


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