Monday, 16 April 2012

Show Me Your Selvedges

Today was all about the scrappiest of scraps.  I picked this great book up from the post office today. I had ordered it from The Book Depository. It's another great publication by Stash Books - I just love the feel of their covers!

This weekend I am off to do a Mystery Quilt' project with 'Hunters and Collectors' in Coffs Harbour. It's such a mystery that they haven't sent me the fabric requirements yet - Yikes! Anyway my QCA blog buddy Kristy is going to do the course too. It will be the first time we have actually met - but we connect on so many levels beyond just quilting..

After class, fellow QCA local, Jane will be meeting us for drinks and dinner. She thought it would be a fun if we could do a 3 way swap. So today we divided up the tasks. Kristy chose sewing kits/needle book, Jane the pincushions and me? I am doing the pouches. Phew! because I have been consolidating my pouch repertoire. 
I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Jane is a huge fan of selvedges and has made a few great items with them. I went straight to my selvedge box and emptied it out. I started saving selvedges when I started quilting but I have now learned to be more generous with the width of them. The skinny ones are pretty much useless but I did find enough to piece together to make fabric. I used the quilt-as-you-go technique.
Just one of my selvedge fabrics. I have nearly finished both pouches after dedicating myself to them all afternoon and late into the night. I made many silly errors and had to unpick about 6 times at the zipper stage. Proof that I was too tired to continue tonight. 

Charm Pack Give-Away + Extra

The postman also bought the prize for the '50 Likers Give-Away' today. Jane from Want It Need It Quilt had slipped in a little extra. A packet of Superior needles was smiling out from the package. So these will also go to the winner. Thanks Jane.
I couldn't resist having a little looksy into the charm pack though. I flicked through the range - the colour palette is just as lovely as I had hoped. I found three lovelies that I though I would share.

It is not too late to enter the Give-Away. Entries close 8pm (AEST) of Wednesday 18th April. Jump to the page here. And Kristy's 'Oh Deer' CP and thread Give-Away here.


  1. I just love that more and more people are useing those lovely selvedges! I mean... we pay for those, too right!! :)

  2. What a great use for selvedges. I keep seeing such cute projects that it makes me very sorry that for YEARS I just cut them off and threw them away. Live and learn.

  3. I hope you post the finished pouches as I might do one too :-) Thanks for inspiration.

    1. I might do (they are a surprisey gift for the girls on Saturday) but next week. Can you wait until then? We have the Zakka Style SA pincushion to keep us busy this week right? Looks nice and easy too!

  4. I love selvedges and pouches - looking forward to seeing yours!!
    It takes ages to save selvedges though! what width do you cut yours??

    1. Well now I am giving them a generous 1 and a quarter inch. But different widths look great on projects like this.

  5. I have Scrap Republic and I love it! I can't wait to make some of the quilts that are in it :)


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