Friday, 6 April 2012

Thank God for Good Friday

Back on the 5th of April 1985, I woke up and asked God if I could be friends with him. I didn't really know what to say but I had been going to a Youth group for about half a year, and realised that some of the kids talked about God like a real person. I didn't think that just believing in God was the same as following God. 

Anyway, 27 years later, God and I are still friends. All because of what Jesus did at the very first Easter.  

Expedit Love

Last Sunday, passing through Brisbane we picked up 2 new Expedit units from IKEA. My husband put together the first and set it up in my daughter's room.

Before                                                                                          After
More storage space was needed and so this unit was place alongside the old one. 

A little decluttering of the two baby boxes.



The New Expedit 2x4
 top surface now houses the baby boxes and cds.
top shelves house the smaller hard cover and board books.
 2nd shelf is a bit more decorative with handmade friends.
3rd shelf houses the accessories and dress-up clothes.
bottom shelf filled with books.

The Old Expedit - 2x2
op surface of the 2x2 unit now displays the 'le Toy Van' fairy castle.
top shelf $5 pink boxes now house the Disney Princesses and their friends. 'Beast' and 'winged Dora horse' were from Op-shops.
bottom shelf - more books (these will need to be culled soon. I pulled out a few books to donate but I need to spend more time on it).

Girly I-Spy Quilt

I can't claim this one. It's yummy goodness was made by my mother for her only grand-daughter. She made this BEFORE I even owned a sewing machine and learned to quilt.

for some reason the uploader keeps turning these...but you get the idea of the fussy cutting.

Large Zipper Pouch

Remember the 20c zips from the op-shop this week? I used the pink one to whip up a large zip pouch for my daughter. And seeing I had some scraps of the Easter give-away fabric, I used up a large strip for the front. It's the size of a large pencil case.

 I did some free motion quilted eggs on the pink polkadot fabric strips.
When I told her it was a an Easter pouch she promptly out it into the waistband of her skirt , popped a teddy bear inside, used my measuring tape for a tail tucked into the back, and hopped around the house like a marsupial. 

So I may need to re-think the name of this one a little!


  1. Happy Easter to you! I loved the peek into your daughter's room. It's beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful quilt by you mother. I will have to pass the pic along to mine ;)

  3. Lovely post Fiona :)

    Love Fran's quilt - just beautiful. And too cute about hopping round with the pouch!


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