Friday, 13 April 2012

Zakka Style House Pouch

I was not planning on doing this week's Zakka Style Sew Along project. I'll have to amend my 'April To Do List' now. But I am so indecisive about my next quilt project (and I didn't want to piece a quilt back) that I just wanted something small and acheivable in half a day of sewing.

Charmed Give-Away

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                                            Petite Odile Charm Pack

Here's how I put it together

1. I cleaned my iron from the carnage of the Zig Zag tote meltdown!
 2. Fetch the materials. Most of these were scrap. Scrapbuster Yay!
 3. Cut them all out.
4. Iron on all the interfacing. This time I used my OLD iron and a non-stick applique mat to avoid melting glue onto my iron again.
5. Pin the applique features in place. I opted for square 2" windows and a 21/2" x 4" door rather than use the template in the book. Mostly because I didn't know how to enlarge it by 200%.
 6. Applique the features on using a tight zig zag stitch. I used all 3s in my settings including the thread tension.
 7. Here I decided to handstitch the flower stems and buttons on whilst I was trapped in the chair at the hairdressers. Very soothing...I should try more hand stitching! My mum would have approved.
8. Now that I know how, I added zipper buffers. (However these created a bit too much bulk in the end stage though).
 9. Sandwich the up-side-down zipper between the exterior piece and lining with right sides together.
 10. Pin well and stitch 1/4" in.
11. Do the same for the other exterior and lining piece.
12. Then, with the zip halfway down, attach the back and the front exteriors right sides together.
 13. Pin and stitch all the layers  in place. Here you can see that I pinned the bottom layer diagonally and then the top straight.
 14. Open out and press into place the layers.
 15. I then stitched the zip down through the layers as well. (Don't my zip buffers look lovely and neat here? But DON'T put them in! Because of the nature of the lining and house assembly, in the next stage, they just got in the way and came out all scrunched up. I tried to fix them as best I could. So stick to the original, no zip buffer, pattern).
16. Pin the exterior pieces right sides together
  17. and stitch 1/4" carefully.
 18. Do the same for the lining pieces but leave a 3" GAP in the bottom seam for pulling the bag right sides out. You will also need to open the zip all the way down to complete this step.
 19. Snip off the corners. Pull the exterior panel through the open zip and then through the opening in the binding. Push out the corners. Now that they are smiling at each other from across the zip line, sew the 3" gap in the lining closed.
 20. Push the lining inside the pouch.
21. I added ribbons in pink, white and wine to the zip. These were offcuts from my t-shirt hangers, hanging around in my ribbon box waiting for a better gig in life.
22. I had some whimsical Japanese fabric that was ideal for the back of this pouch. It was a newsprint style. The writing under the piggy says..."The best time to of the flower is about one week. Have the parasol because the sunlight is strong." Priceless!
 23. I had to extend the bird stand. 
 24. Button detail. I had seen another pouch where the buttons were stacked - clever idea. Other pouches had flower shaped buttons - even more clever. Sadly not in my stash - yet!
And that's the whole journey. So much easier than the Zig Zag tote but not without its challenges. I am enjoying learning new things with this Zakka Style Sew Along. 

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  1. Oh Fiona this turned out fantastic (fantastically? what's the right word? - it's great haha!). I love the little details on the back with the birdcage and the funny-english piggie. Awesome!

    So has Fran nabbed this for her very own yet?

    Oh and feel free to raid my button tin when you visit, I have lots of flower buttons. If only I can find where the kidlets have hidden the button tin...

  2. Very cute pouch. I keep seeing pouches all over blogland. I am going to have to jump onto the pouch train.

    1. I made my first one at the beginning of the month...and my first zip too! I don;t know why it took me so long to make one - now I am pouch heaven. Let me know what you come up with. There are many great pouch tutorials in blogland and on YOutube.

  3. What an adorable pouch, Fiona! I love it! Thanks for sharing it with TGIFF!

    1. Thanks and your work this week has been amazing!

  4. Lovely pouch and fabulous play by play! My button tin is about empty too!


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