Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Stash #9

50 Followers Give-Away

Firstly I have to start off this post by saying how amazed I am by the response to the 'French General - Petit Odile' Charm Pack Give-Away. I am trying to respond to all the folks but I fear it is going to take me a while. This humble little blog has nearly doubled its 'followers' in 4 days! I think Kristy is experiencing similar volumes. If you have not entered my give-away yet, you can click here and teleport to the entry from last Wednesday. If you have not entered Kristy's give-away  then click here as well. Entries close this week at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday 18th April.

The Unsinkable

Secondly, I have to acknowledge the historical significance of the date above. It's been 100 years since the majestic Titanic set sail from Southampton and into the history books for all the wrong reasons. My own grandmother, who was born in Portsmouth Army barracks,  remembered the shock of the event as she was 11 years old in 1912.

I have previously shared that Duncan wrote a great article, on the anniversary of the sinking, for his Student Newspaper. He is a walking encyclopaedia of facts on this topic. He can reel off the stats without having to look them up - how long she was, how many decks, passengers, survivors, number of lifeboats, name of rescue vessels and ones that didn't. You get the picture? Having Aspergers is like a Fact superpower. (He will always be on my team at Trivia nights). His interest in the Titanic started when he received the gorgeous pop out book called 'Titanic Ship of Dreams' for his 6th birthday. It has morphed into an interest in all ships since.
Last night he asked his father and I if we could set eh alarm for 2:20 this morning.
"Why?" we asked.
"Because that was the time that Titanic sank 100 years ago."
I responded, fearing the alarm ringing at that ungodly hour. "Um, actually that was 2:20am local Newfoundland time." Phew!
So then he used the internet 'time zone' converter to calculate that it would correspond to 2:50pm Australian time today. And he remembered to pause at that time today. He is very special.
This book was c0-written by a local man, Steve Hall. His wife runs the school canteen where I volunteer twice a term. This is the signed copy he donated to the school library. It's so weird to have a world expert living in Ballina NSW!

A Little Bit More of Katie Jump Rope - KJR
Can anyone pick the odd FQs out?
Today's Sunday stash is more of a supplement to my Denyse Schmidt collection. I was missing a few FQs from the Katie Jump Rope line, so I ordered them earlier this month. During the week I received my order from Clay Deal on Etsy.
However, even as I cut into the KJR stash this weekend, I realised that I was still missing a brown and some dark green fabrics from the line. A quick Etsy search, and I was able to order these from Bilje Olifantje. Kit was also kind enough to track down the 'green ribbons' fabric for me too!

Katie Jump Kaleidoscopic Kites - KJKK

I started drawing up plans for my own 'Kaleidoscopic Kites' quilt using the FREE pattern designed by Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts. It is such a lovely and striking pattern. I was inspired by this version in KJR by Kelly of Kelby Sews. I am not sure I could ever be a quilt designer - I am far too mathematically challenged. Whilst using grid paper to make changes to the  colour order, I made 3 mistakes and had to draw it up all over again. It was so frustrating.
My favourite fabric from the KJR line
Anyway after finishing the planning stage, I slipped in a NEW rotary blade and proceeded to cut "My Precious" stash of KJR Fat Quarters. It wasn't as hard as I thought it might have been. Maybe I haven't been hoarding it long enough!
Delicious selvedges to make a pouch with
It was a time consuming job but I got to watch an Episode of 'Coast, Who do You Think You Are? and Is the West History Part 1 & 2'. We are moving into the second week of school holidays. My husband and I  shared the kiddy duties today as we were both sick of them fighting. He got time off to go into town for a coffee and I got sewing time later.
Here's how they were earlier in the day looking all happy and cosy together on the couch watching tv. Believe me, this is a rare shot of all three together. The quillows were ones my mum made for each child. They love them.


  1. If you are interested, there is an antique shop in Chinderah on the Tweed River that has a rather vast collection of shipping antiquities. They have a Titanic cabinet - could be of interest to Duncan.

    1. Are we talking large cabinet Jane? He might start collecting Titanic memorabilia if I buy him something like that... hehehe!

    2. It's not a very big cabinet, and I'm not sure if the Titanic stuff is even for sale, but I bet he'd love looking at it!

  2. Can I tell you I am currently reading a book (I got it free for my Kindle) And the Grandparents just told the boys that they were looking forward to the trip, when you read into the details of the ship you realize it is the Titanic, but they never come out and say it! Eerie! (the book as The Arrington family box set, trilogy, which is kind of a historic romance type thing and I am not really a romance book kinda gal, but it was free and it is OK...)

    1. That sounds interesting. How far into the story are you?

  3. For a second I thought you said you shared kiddy duty as you were sick of fighting with them, to which I said "Amen!" as I have been having battles with my 2yo lately. Then I reread it. Oh. Haha!

    Anyway, drooling over your DS fabric - that line is nice!

    1. It has come close though. There has been a bit of telling them to be quiet. We kind of tag team when it is obvious one of us needs 'time out' for losing it/or about to with the kids. Hence why I told my husband to take a hike to town and find a nice coffee shop.

  4. Lucky you with the time zone :-)


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