Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Holiday Capers

Holiday time is never really a piece of cake for the following reasons:

1. The change of routine can make Tristan anxious and cranky;
2. When they get along, my three kids are great but when they don't, it's a shocker;
3. I don't like to go out with three kids by myself (I just can't predict what they might get up to - many bad experiences with absconding);
4. My two youngest are into building cubby/clubhouses with every available chair, rug, quilt and tub;
5. My youngest loves to empty everything out of her shelves and trash her room.
6. There's usually a lot of Lego that comes out and scatters from one corner table into every available surface everywhere.
7. I lose all my solitude - especially my sewing days.
8. With 3 kids at home, more washing up/laundry and mess is created.

Activity Stations

I have tried to set up areas for the kids to have room to pursue their interests:

Lego table
Craft table
There's plenty of clubhouse construction...

But still there is a LOT of tidying that goes on everyday. Relentlessly.

BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER

 Fisher Price  Geotrax takes over the hallways
 And then we have to pack it away.
My oldest is setting up his own Sydney skyline on the skirting boards.
And designing the Sydney Opera House out of Lego. Yes that is a paper, cardboard and cellophane model he made last term with his support teacher. At the bottom is a book from library that inspired him. The red thing is the construction crane putting the pieces into place!
And then there's the paper aeroplane airport in the other hallway.

But there are some great benefits:

1. No packing of lunches, school bags, hats, news items, violin, swimmers etc.
2. No need to have uniforms ready each day;
3. It provides a break from the morning and afternoon school routine;
4. Staying in Pyjamas all day;
5. No need to drive anywhere;
6. The kids can stay up later and watch a movie every night if they wish;
7. I get to see more of my beautiful kids.


  1. Make the most of it! Its more tiring at this age but now my two boys are 16 and 19 and theirs is a whole different world! My 19 year old looks at me like I'm mad when I say 'do you remember the indoor picnics under sheet cubby houses when you were little?' or reading picture books every night before bed, or any of the myriad of creative experiences I tried to give you when you were younger? I swear he thinks I'm making it all up! The mess doesn't last forever but you at least will remember some of the fun things even if they don't when they're older! A warning to you though, boys are much nicer smelling when they're younger! My oldest is an apprentice diesel mechanic and its not a nice smell! I love the Sydney skyline on the wall by the way!

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights Sooli...I know that the years will slip by more quickly and I should just appreciate what I have right now.

  2. Oh can so relate! And I only have two munchkins! There are definiely both good and bad sides to the holidays aren't there.

    I am loving the layout for the Lego opera house - particularly the crane!

    But hey - yay for some kidfree quilting time this weekend! :)

  3. I feel your pain! Two of my kids love being on break! I, however, have a Daughter with special needs who HATE NOT being in school! SHEESH!! You just can't win! LOL

  4. It makes me tired just to look at it all. I remember those days when my kids were small. Now they have little ones of their own. There is a reason our bodies were made to have children while we are young...they are so much work...but so worth it all.


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