Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue Tones & Blue Jeans

Charmed Give-Away

Just a reminder for you all to post an entry or 3 into the 'Tandem' fabric giveaway here on Finding Fifth and there on 'Quiet Play. We 2 small bloggys have 2 adorable charm packs to ship out to 2 lucky winners. And with ONLY 18 people entered into mine so far, you are in with a ripping good chance!
                           Petite Odile Charm Pack
Thrifted Thursday

I only had ten minutes this week to slip into Vinnies but I found some nice trinkets.

These 2 plates at 20c each!
And look! They are closely related to my favourite fabric from last week's Zakka Style Sew Along 'Zig Zag Tote'.
This hand crocheted circle for only 50c. I have no idea what to do with him now but he might make an appearance on a Zakka Style Sew-Along project later.
And this delicate napkin for only $1
Blue Eyes 

This gorgeous crocheted top, from Christine of Lavenderlore, coincidently matches Florrie's eyes. I love how Emma's Jem of Mine Dolls have so many beautiful eye colours to choose from. I almost asked for Florrie to have green...but I did giggle when Emma asked me if I wanted "freckles or no freckles". Why freckles of course!
Blue Jeans

Last week I picked these iron on patches up from the SL fabric sale (they were NOT on sale though). 
I thought that they might add a bit of pizazz to a pair of Fran's blue jeans. So she chose the spots where they should go and I ironed and stitched as best I could.
It's nice to have some easy-sew projects for a change!

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Meal Plan Mondays

I am still doing these but am late this week. I've been so blessed to have my husband home on holidays from Thursday - Tuesday of the Easter weekend. He has been so helpful with not only the kids and camping but also cooking. His home made pizza below.
On Monday he took the 'Lancashire Lamb Shanks' recipe and cooked it whilst I was out. When I came home, it was emitting delicious smells from the slow cooker. His reward? Off to the bike shop to buy more lycra pants and another drink bottle holder. He cycled 150Km in total over the break!

This is what's on the menu this week at our house...

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  1. Okay that is uncanny how the pattern on those plates match the fabric! How funny!

  2. great plates, I agree! And the pizza looks delish! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Debbie...I found you through the Zakka Style Quilt Along. Look forward to reading the archives of your blog.

  3. Funky how the plates find matches your fabric! I've been saving a few crochet circles for the ZSA too :)


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