Monday, 30 April 2012

April Finishes

This month has seen me:
  • learn how to sew a zipper. So pouches are in abundance at my place. 
  • learn to make fabric covered buttons. Heaps of fun.
  • make my first ever bag. Despite sewing the handles on upside-down the first time.
  • join the Zakka Style Sew- Along. Learning the joys and pitfalls of sewing smaller items.
  • skip this month's hexagon blocks with the Craftsy BOM.
  • cut into 'my precious' Denyse Schmidt stash.
  • realise that half square triangles are cantankerous creatures.
  • meet my lovely blog buddy Kristy at a Mystery Quilt Weekend.
  • make use of my collection of selvedges.
All the while listening to or watching some great series' on SBS on demand, ABC iview, dvd, or the History Channel - Coast, Who do you think you are? Australian Series 2, Is the West History?, Barbarians, Ken Burns' The Civil War, The Civil War Journal, The First World War, Gallipoli, Anzacs, Narrow Escapes of WWII, and Downton Abbey.

1. Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt - cut into 15/4, 2. Fussy Fairytales - basted 30/4, 3.  Fussy Fairytales - back 28/4 4. Mystery Quilt - top finished 27/4, 5, Diamonds in Squares QCA Bee -  5/4

6. ZSSA Zig-Zag tote - 10/4 7. ZSSA Sewing Kit - 20/4, 8. ZSSA Pin Cushion - 17/4, 9. ZSSA House Pouch - 12/4, 10. Small zipper pouch - 2/4.

11. Large zipper pouch - 6/4, 12. Pocket zipper pouch - 28/4, 13. Selvedge zip pouch swap 1 - 16/4, 14. Selvedge zip pouch 2 - 16/4, 15. Large selvedge zip pouch - 26/4

So now to plan my new 'to do first' for May. Yikes!

How did you go in April? 

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  1. Wow! You accomplished a lot in April and learnt a heap of new skills! Well done!

  2. Looks like a great month - so colourful :)

  3. April was fine! I'm also enjoying the Zakka along, tried out some felt beads, meet up with sewing friends ... pretty much the same just upside down :-)

  4. Hi Fiona! I have tried to email you. You won my giveaway for QED! I need your mailing information. Please email me at

  5. Golly what a lot of finishes! Put's mine to shame =D

  6. Wow! You've been busy! Good for you! You've made lots of pretty things!

  7. Amazing! I think my favorite is your little sewing kit. I love the fabrics you chose and it is so useful! Your mystery top is gorgeous, and that fussy fairytales quilt is so cool! Oh, and the fabrics in your diamonds in squares blocks are amazing! What a lot of wonderful finishes! Thanks for linking up!

    xo -E


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