Monday, 23 April 2012

Zakka Style Sewing Kit

I did not plan to get ahead of the Zakka Style Sew-Along for this week. However I woke up early on Saturday morning and thought that the Sewing Kit for this week might come in handy for the 'Mystery Quilt' weekend in Coffs Harbour. (It did!)

I wanted to use some of the left-over 'my precious' fabrics from the Zig Zag tote. I am not sure what the leaf fabric is - it was SL flat fat, but my favourite grey/blue fabric is called 'Surf & Sand' for Marcus Brothers Textiles. I also used the thick linen/upholstery fabric I found at the op-shop last Thursday

Step 1 - Cut Out the Fabrics
I cut my rectangles 2 inches wider than the pattern called for. This was because I had enough fabric scraps and I also wanted to throw an extra pocket into the inside.

Step 2 - Sew the single-fold binding onto the pocket
sew right sides together 1/4 " from the edges
iron upwards and fold back behind the pocket
sew the binding down at the back by sewing 1/8" from the fold down 
Step 3 - Pin and sew the pockets to the lining with a 1/8" seam.
 4. Measure, mark and sew the dividers onto one of the pockets. I marked my first 2 pockets at 4" rather then 3". 
 5.  Instead of leather thongs I used decorative tape with measuring tape markings on it.
6. Lay the linen rectangle on top and then the batting on top of that.
can't get this one to load right side up!
 7. Stitch all 3 layers together, 
leaving a 3" opening in the short end of the undivided pocket.
 8. Trim the corners.
 9. Pull the pouch right side out through the opening. 
10. Press flat and stitch the gap closed.

The Pincushion

1. Stitch the linen and cotton squares together and then sew these to the linen backing.
 2. Leave a gap in one small side.
 3. Add a button or a stamp.
 4. Stuff with polyfil
 5. Stitch closed. Ready for pins.
Don't they look great together?
And I did use them on the weekend retreat.

How is your Zakka Sew-Along going? 

I still haven't managed to convince any of my sewing/quilt/blog buddies to join me...but I have visited some great new blogs courtesy of the LRStitched site and Flickr support group

The Zakka Sew-Along host this week is Monkey Do and is full of helpful tips especially about changing the single fold binding to a double fold binding. Her red and grey versions are stunning!

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  1. Your sewing kit is great! And how wonderful that you have already used it! That fabric was a fabulous find!

  2. Love your sewing kit hope mine turns out as well as yours!

  3. I saw this earlier in my Google reader but have clicked through from Manic Mondays, love it! I bought the book and have to try one of these!

  4. So, so cute! Hasn't this been the greatest sew along? I've enjoyed it so much!

  5. Love it! Mine is all cut and ready to sew tonight.

  6. I haven't started yet. Yours looks great. I'm enjoying this sew along a lot, it's my first ever!

  7. This is lovely Fiona - on my list to do this week!

  8. This little kit has nearly tipped me over the edge to join in (until I remember how many WiPs I have on my plate at the moment). It really looks so great!

  9. Ooh, it's lovely! I got as far as cutting my fabric tonight. My husband has a meeting tomorrow night so I'll be alone with the kiddos...I might not get to any more progress until Wednesday :/

  10. Cute! I love how you did the binding on the pockets. I am always so afraid to venture from the directions. I love reading about the brave sewers talented enough to tweak. Give me inspiration!

  11. Your sewing kit turned out so pretty. I love that you adapted the design a little to suit your needs better.

    Great job.

  12. Lovely item - very chic and sooooooo Zakka!


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