Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Squaring things up

Just a reminder that I still have an Easter fabric give-away happening until Thursday evening (Australian Eastern Time). 

A Published Work

This year my oldest son has taken on a lot more responsibility and is thriving. He has joined the cub scouts and continued to learn violin. He tried his best at the swimming and cross country carnivals and then was the only boy in his class to participate in a field hockey Gala Day (where they are taught the skills and then put into teams to play). 

I encouraged him to also write a piece for the student Newspaper at his school. He and his support teacher worked on it together. It was published today. He is so proud and so am I. This is when Asperger's and Communication kiss nicely.
Diamond in a Square

Today I had lots of time to tackle the Quilt Club Australia Beehive #1 block for April. This block looks so pretty with all sorts of scrappy fabrics. The tutorial was written by the witty Kirsty from Quiet Play and she named it 'Diamond in a Square'. Even if you never make this block, do read the tutorial because it is very funny!

The final quilt, put together by Kirsty, will be given to a great charity called 'Angels for the Forgotten'. She wants to assemble the blocks in colours so as to make a rainbow quilt. I am contributing BLUE blocks because my stash has lots of blues.

So here's my effort for the day.

I cut squares...
and then triangles
and then I had to tame some naughty seams by trimming the blocks.
Then it came together looking all resplendent.
I have one more ready to sew up when I get another chance. I probably have enough leftover fabrics for one or 2 more.

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  1. Hey - your Beehive block is lovely! I really like blues with white. So classic and fresh at the same time.

  2. Yet another pretty block to add my list. How wonderful that your son is published! Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, kids + chores = happiness for moms! And, I agree, Vancouver is gorgeous for the three months of the year when it stops raining and you can actually see the mountains!

  3. Oh that's great about Duncan's published work in the school newspaper! How exciting!

    I am loving your block for the bee! And thank you for your nice comments! I'm still a bit worried about that tutorial! ;)


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