Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Zakka Style Pin Cushion

creative pin work done by son Duncan
Oh how I wish that the Zakka Style Sew - Along had begun with this project. It may be the simplest in the whole book. What a joy it was to make! This week is hosted by Ayumi Mills of Pink Penguin and her post has some nice tips and clear photos of some things to consider. Bless her! She is also an expert at fabric stamping (which I left out of my pin cushion entirely).

My Fabric Choices

Yesterday I received another fabric package from Etsy. This time from Sina who runs Quilt Essentials. Once I opened out this olive green retro clock print in linen, I was smitten and inspired to use it on this project. It's called 'Clocks in Green' Ruby Star Shining by Melody Miller for Kokka.
Sadly my linen is still crossing the Pacific, so I cut up a tea towel.
Both fabrics for my buttons were from op-shop grab bags. They are both so retro 70s I couldn't resist including them in this project either. The orange and brown flower is made in funky corduroy.
 I had no lace but perfect orange rack rack from a discount bin at a local Janome store.

Zakka Style Pin Cushion Visual Support

1. Cut the fabric and interfacing.
2. Iron on the interfacing and sew the front 2 pieces together.
3. Trim with lace, ribbon or (in my case) rick rack.
4. Sew, front and back panels right sides together, around 3 sides and partially on the 4th...leaving a 3" gap in a long side for turning.
5. Stuff with polyfiller.

6. Make fabric covered buttons using the kit.

 7. Hand stitch the gap closed.

 8. Sew from front through to the back and back out again.
 9. Pull until there is a little indentation in the pouch. Attach buttons on both the front and back with this thread.
 10. Add pins (just to make it look authentic).

Upgraded Give-Away

The Charm Pack now has needle friends to travel with to your place. Entry to my give-away is here. And Kristy's give-away is there.

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  1. Loving your pin cushion!! Funny how most of us don't have lace! I made an 'edge trim thing' to replace the lace in mine! And yes, the easiest so far!!

  2. Loving your pincushion! It's so sweet!

  3. That is the cutest pin cushion! I love all of you embellishments! Thanks so much for linking up to QED!

  4. I just bought Zakka Style from Spottie this morning:) Thanks for all the tips - can't wait to make one of these.

  5. The tea towel was just serendipity. I think it "makes" your pincushion...goes so well with the alarm clock!

  6. Love your pincushion! I just recently bought the book and definitely want to give that project a try. Love that clock fabric!


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