Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pocket Zip Tutorial

This tutorial is a visual representation of the instructions given in the Atkinson Design 'Cash and Carry' pattern. No pattern measurements are given in order that copyright is not infringed. I picked my pattern up at 'Hunters and Collectors' Coffs Harbour for only$15AUD.

1. Cut lining pieces.
 2. Fuse the batting/fleece to the back of the lining.
 3. Spray back of pocket onto the middle bottom of the batting.
4. Lay folded pocket piece on top.
5. Pin side flaps to the pocket pieces.
 6. Sew with a 1/4" seam and iron outwards.
7. Similarly sew down the contrast strip above the pocket and iron into place.
 8. Trim down the zip to fit.
 9. Create the zip buffers.
 10. Sew the buffers onto the ends of the zip and them trim down.
 11. Make sure the zip is 1/2" shorter than each end of the pouch.
 12. Attach the zip to the pouch using a zipper/walking foot. Sew the zip down from the raw edge.
 13. Sew around the three sides and trim the corners off.
 14. Turn the pouch the right side out and admire.


  1. That's a really cute pouch! I like the pocket addition to it =D

  2. Really sweet pouch! Gosh you whipped that one up quickly!


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