Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday Stash #8

I don't ever remember going to the shops on any Easter Saturday but yesterday I did just that! The buzz from the Quilt Club Australia online group was that Spotlight (largest retail chain 0f craft supplies) was offering 40% off all fabric until Tuesday. Nothing like a good SALE to get sewists out on a long weekend.
L-R Black denim, reverse dot in grey, Reverse dot in red, stripes by Paper Dolls, Denyse Schmidt
Precut flat fats (50x52cm) in various colours for only $1.50 each
Iron on flower patches, watch, magnetic bag clasp, other bag hooks

Lounge Room Floor

Spotlight also had 70% off their floor rugs. So I snapped up this one reduced from $129 to $38!
It wasn't too crowded at my local store but they were not terribly efficient at the fabric cutting counter. Early on there were only 3 staff cutting and two lines about 12 deep. I probably waited 30 mins to be served but I met a nice lady from Edinburgh and had a wee chat. 

It was hard work standing there holding bolts of fabric though and I thought that a staff member should get trolleys for some of the older women forced to wait with lots of fabric. One of the girls from QCA, who works at SL in Western Australia, said that her boss was going around handing out easter eggs to those in line. Mmm that would have been nice!

Easter Sunday

The one day of the year where you get to eat chocolate for breakfast. It started early at 5:30 this morning as the kids were out camping in the backyard with their dad.

Hope you are having a lovely Easter  Sunday. Me? I am staying in my pjs as long as possible!


  1. Happy Easter to you! It's still Saturday evening here in the US, so no chocolate for breakfast yet, but soon. :) Nice stash additions. I believe I have the reverse dots in grey, but have not seen it in red; I love dots. That's a great deal on your rug, I wish our Joann's sold rugs.

  2. Yes Happy Easter its early afternoon here and just enjoying seeing the things you have. Me as a bad dad never think of the holidays hope that mom has something up her sleeves for the kids (and me) I too love chocolate for breakfast. YEA!


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