Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lego Fest

It's winter school holidays here and so I declared Monday and Tuesday 'Lego Days'. I was the Lego shop keeper. Out it all came yesterday and I got to sorting Lego for about 5 hours whilst the kids created. 

Later on I got a chance to build 2 Lego Star Wars vehicles. My kids are really into the original Star Wars trilogy at the moment.

Duncan also finished a 9 week course that taught him Social Skills for kids with Aspergers. His reward for lots of social homework? The Lego Tower Bridge! It might take him longer than the holidays to complete though.

Today I tried to piece together the mini-figures and managed to put some of them on display. I hope to superglue some of their limbs and heads on later.


  1. Lego is so much fun to play with...no matter what age you are! The lego men are pretty durable and stay together quite well =D

  2. That's some impressive organising! We've only just started on the Lego fad but I'm constantly amazed by how far and wide spread it ends up when it's being "played" with. Nothing like the sound of a vaccuum cleaner to make a boy come running to clean up his Lego heheheh.


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