Saturday, 14 July 2012

Slashing, Swapping and Stashing Saturday

This weekend my husband and son are overnighting in Brisbane. My husband is off to the Super14 Rugby with some mates and Duncan is staying with my parents and going to the Planetarium.

So that leaves me with just Tristan and Frances. We did a lot of playing together most of the day and after rest time the kids watched 'Mr Bean' whilst I got stuck into some serious cutting for all the 3 swaps that I am in this month.
So I put in a new blade - very important - and set up my cutting mat on the kitchen bench. (I got to watch Mr Bean too!). 

Novelty Charm Swap - with Threads and Mess

1 yard of 3 different prints = 168 charm squares

Tone on Tone Charm Swap

1 yard of yellow, green and pink = 168 charm squares
(I was slated to do red and orange but another lady from QCA was hoping to join in and she took these off my hands - I am so grateful to not cut more). 

Colour Rainbow Charm Swap - with Sally Bally Creations
10 FQs of dominant yellow prints = 120 charm squares
(I have been trading with ladies from QCA for these because I have hardly any yellow in my stash)

Trading Fabrics

I have posted off a lot of fabrics to ladies in my QCA swap group this month.

3 yards of Kona 'Snow' to Lara  =  some yellow and 'Peeps' FQs

1/2 yard of 'Astor Manor' brown to Elaine  = 2 FQs of yellow

1FQ each of 'A bit of Whimsy' to Sally  = 1 FQ yellow
                                                         Lauren  = 1 FQ yellow
                                                         Olivia = 1 FQ of 'Castle Peeps'

1FQ of 'Forest Creatures' to      Lindsey = 1 FQ of 'Castle Peeps'

So I will have to post all of these off tomorrow.

Black and White Fat Quarter Swap

These arrived earlier this month from Danielle of Threads and Mess. She has a contest that has more FQs offered as a surprise but I am not sure if I will actually get around to making my B&W project for more entries.

Denyse Schmidt Charm Swap 
I also received some charms in the post yesterday. They were part of an international swap organised through 'That Moxie Girl' on Flickr. I had quite forgotten about them actually - so it was a pleasant surprise. 
Even though they are from different collections some of them look really good together. And some of them are prints I have never seen here in Australia.
And it feels nice to finish after many hours of cutting. 

What about you? Do you participate in many fabric swaps? If you are looking for a place to  swap, I am part of a small group on Facebook called Fabric Swaps - Australia & International. Come and join in.


  1. I don't. I only do little swaps with girls in person once in a while. I'm kind of picky when it comes to putting fabrics together and I'm not sure what I would do with those that I don't really like. Another reason is I don't have much stash to share :-) But I'm a newbie so it might change.

  2. My goodness girl, that is a lot of cutting! I'm impressed! Looks like you'll be getting a nice little collection of Peeps happening!

  3. Wow. That's a lot of cutting you did, and such beautiful fabrics!

  4. Wow that's a lot of swaps! I think I may need to join that group as I seem to miss out on an awful lot that happen in blog land =D

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop, as well as a new one via Flickr. If you're interested feel free to check them out =D


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