Thursday, 12 July 2012

Another House is Built

The Neighbourhood Grows

Today I added one more house to the neighbourhood building program. I sewed the chimney on upside-down, TWICE! I think keeping the colour in the primary and secondary colours of the 'Summersville' range ( I added yellow though) will serve to keep the blocks cohesive.

So this is my little neighbourhood so far...

As I was sewing today, I managed to watch Star Wars Episode 2 again and after 10 years I still hated it. I think that Anakin Skywalker is such a whinging pathetic character. I found the storyline very very weak. I wonder how George Lucas could write this and also 'The Empire Strikes Back' with the same brain!

When Episode 3 came out in 2005, I didn't even bother going to see it. It was much better as a story. I could not help but see the parallels between Hitler and the Nazi party and the accession of Palpatine and the Empire. Especially the scene where the clones turn on the Jedi  and eliminate them.

Have I mentioned that my 3 kids are really into Star Wars now? These 2 episodes are rated M and so I will not be showing them these. But it was nice to find out that the movies were made in Australia.

Paper Piecing Blog Hop

Kristy, from Quiet Play, is planning a paper piecing extravaganza soon. So please keep checking her blog for more details and if you are interested in maybe hosting with a pattern on your blog let her know soon. She is taking expressions of interest in the next few days.

And a Thank You

About a week ago, I received a prize from Cherie of 'I Be's Cheraldine' and I just wanted to show you her cleverness. This is a two-tone zip pouch but inside was a matching pin cushion and then two mini- log cabin fridge magnets.

Thank you Cherie - not only for these handmade goodies but because you are always encouraging.


  1. You are building quite a neighbourhood, aren't you!? Very sweet!

  2. Won't be long and you'll have a whole street full of houses. Very cute little animal faces looking out through the windows too!

  3. Your houses are looking so great! You are doing so well!

    What a lovely prize from Cherie!

  4. Wow those houses are looking good! Great job for keeping up the paper piecing, it must get easier as you go along (says the girl who has never made a pattern)
    It is funny when some movies are better than others within the same series! I never saw the fascination myself I guess it's more a boy thing!

    Thanks for the um thanks I was happy to make them =D

  5. Look at you go!! No stopping you now ;) Cherie's so lovely, always there with a compliment or two!!


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