Monday, 23 July 2012

The Neighbourhood Grows

Because of school holidays I have not really had uninterrupted time to sew in about 3 weeks. My husband could sense my frustration and was lovely enough to cook pancakes for breakfast and take the kids to church on Sunday so that I could have peace to sew. Lovely man.
So I spent most of the day piecing together a new pattern for simple trees. I am sharing the pattern in a tutorial on Thursday 25th July for the 'Let's Get Acquainted' Blog Hop.
I also added 4 new houses to the neighbourhood.

Next I have to tackle Kristy's more complicated Paper Pieced tree patterns.  Thankfully my extra charm packs of 'Summersville' arrived from Want it, Need it, Quilt! yesterday.
Now don't forget that there is a NEW blog hop starting late next week hosted by about 25 keen paper piecing bloggers. It is called 'Practically Paper Piecing' and is the brain-child of Kristy from Quiet Play. I am using these neighbourhood blocks for my project on August 20th - so stay tuned!
 Practically Paper Piecing


  1. Great looking trees. The neighbourhood is coming along nicely =D

  2. I am loving your little neighbourhood - sooo sweet :).

  3. Loving the neighbourhood! It's coming together beautifully! Those little trees are just perfect!

  4. You'll be hosting a street party soon with all your new houses and trees!

  5. Your house and tree blocks are darling! Thank you! Love them!

  6. The Summersville goes perfect with your houses and trees! They look fantastic. I love the house with the little animals in the window :)

  7. Your neighborhood blocks look so good; I can't wait to see what you are going to turn them in to.


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