Friday, 15 June 2012

Who Else Knows My Location?

That's what the modern Rapunzel says to Flynn Rider. I love the new Disney version called 'Tangled', with a savvy heroine who virtually saves herself. Not to mention a great soundtrack.

This was one of the 2 most challenging projects so far from the book. So after 3 days of reading and re-reading the instructions, sewing and then reverse sewing the Zakka Style Zip Organiser I finally finished my Rapunzel version. I have to say thanks to a few bloggers who gave great tips and visuals to flesh out the minimal steps provided in the book. Krista at Spotted Stone (who hosted this project in the Sew-Along), The Patchsmith, Amy at Strung Out Designs, and Vera from Negligent Style.
Tricky Bits

Fabric Choice - It took a me a few false starts before I settled on making use of 'my precious' Heather Ross prints from the Munki Munki and Far Far Away 3 ranges. I figured having something delightful with me everyday would be the best use for these cute prints. No use having them sitting in my stash giving no-one any joy.

Back Zip and Pocket - This section in the book was pretty confusing to me.
Large Zip - I don't know how I could have done this without my 'walking foot' because there were many layers making it difficult sew the 20" zip into place. 
Binding - By far the trickiest and most frustrating part of the process was sewing the binding on from the outer without getting the inner zip all twisted up into the threads. I have to do a great deal of unpicking.

Deviations from the Pattern

Patchworking - Instead of a single print for the front cover, I decided to patchwork some favourite prints together instead - using some Essex linen blend in natural, HR roses in grey and Rapunzel in blue. I did the same for the inner card pocket with some Pinnochio prints. 

Quilting and Embroidery - I used some lovely aqua thread to do some quilting and using one of my only embroidery stitches on my Janome 2101 to seal the back pocket.
Binding - I made mine a double fold 2" binding from the tweed fabric from the Orchard Tweed Pouch and it was tight. I decided to hand sew the binding onto the internal zip.  Can I just say that tweed is my favourite fabric atm.

Look at my Zip Organiser looking all matchy matchy with my earlier Zakka Style Zig Zag Tote and a handy card holder.
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  1. You did a great job, it looks fantastic!

  2. It looks wonderful! As I said before, I love your fabric choices for this. It's good to hear what some of the trouble spots are as I hope to make this someday in the far far away future. :)

  3. Beautiful x1000 - and 'my precious' fabrics too - you were brave and you triumphed! Love how everything co-ordinates. Yum! I struggled too with mine but I got there in the end!

  4. Great job! Love that fabric line! I sooo have to get my hands on some....after my fabric ban! =D

  5. Looks beautiful! I am waiting for this book at the library to make this. In the meantime I am seeing some great ones and also getting some tips!

  6. Oh I love it so much. I tried to make one but got so frustrated by it - it ended up in the trash.
    Yours is absolutely lovely xxx

    1. I can sooooo understand that reaction Kelly - I think it has been the MOST difficult of the projects so far. I actually agree with a few of the other girls about choosing a lightweight fusible fleece for all of the pieces.

  7. Great job, Fiona! That looks super tricky, but the result is fabulous. Congrats!

  8. Love this! It is fabulous!

  9. Beautiful job on the organizer! I love the fabrics you chose! You're right, it's better to use fabrics in something that you can enjoy daily than just sitting in the stash! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF over on my blog today! :)

  10. Gorgeous!!!! Love love love love that you used HR fabrics, especially these ones. They are just perfect for this project :)

  11. Oh, and we love Tangled in our house :)

  12. I LOVE that! The colors are beautiful and the fabric is so amazing. You did a beautiful job. Congrats on a really great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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