Friday, 22 June 2012

Corduroy Friday

This morning at MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers), we had some lessons in digital photography with one of the mums who has a small portrait business. I now know a whole other side to my digital SLR but I still think I need to have a few lessons.
For our craft, we made these groovy photo puzzles with two 6x4" prints, some tongue depressors/paddlepop sticks, PVA glue and a packing knife. Now each of my children have their own personalised puzzle.

This afternoon I finished off the corduroy skirts by sewing on the pockets. Frances is pretty pleased with both of them. She wore the pink to Moppets this morning sans pocket. I am pleased with them too. A nice easy pattern using the width of fabric. I planning on making one more to get her through winter.
Ooo I received a surprise gift  in the mail yesterday from my clever paper-piecing friend Kristy from Quiet Play. If you want to see something made with Denyse Schmidt fabrics, orange and an awesome pattern check it out on her TGIFF post today. Kind of goes with the 'Tangled' theme from last week too!
I am linking up with TGIFF hosted today by the lovely Gemma of Pretty Bobbins in Noumea. In October this year I hope to finally meet this Aussie ex-pat when my husband and I take our kids on 7 day cruise to celebrate 1o years of marriage. The ship stops in at New Caledonia. 

Gemma has a separate blog about life in a French South Pacific island called 'Suburban Adventures in Noumea'. On it, and through correspondance, Gemma has already suggested some great ideas for our shore time in Noumea. Today her post is about becoming bilingual...and I am totally jealous of her opportunity. I hope to brush up on my French before we hit that country.
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  1. What pretty skirts (and a gorgeous model)!I LOVE the idea of the paddle pop jigsaw puzzles, I'm going to track down my bag of craft paddle pop sticks and do that with the kids this weekend, they'll love it! Thanks for linking up and for talking about my blogs :) I look forward to meeting you and your family too! There is even a fabric shop not too far from the international ferry terminal if you want to check out some Pacific prints... :)

  2. Great skirts, Fiona! Love that puzzle idea too -- probably easier for little hands too! Very cool that you'll get to meet Gemma in New Caledonia!

  3. What cute projects! And very adorable models.

  4. Such great projects! The popsicle puzzle looks so cool! The skirt is so cute! =D

  5. I love the photo puzzle - great idea!!!

  6. Love the skirts, and the colors you chose. I've always been a fan of corduroy; used to dress my daughter up in cord rompers/jumpers now that she's much older(19) she won't go near it.

    1. Ah Simone, corduroy is my favourite winter fabric for myself. You never know she might just find a great pair of cord skinny jeans and fall in love with it all over again!


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