Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Stash #19

Today's Sunday Stash has some hardware. Two week's ago my mum and dad came to stay and brought with them my mum's Janome Memory Craft machine. I will explain how it has become a glorified bobbin winder for 2 reasons: 
  1. first my mum's regular Janome workhorse machine has a broken bobbin winder (it has been sent for repairs twice and still no love), and second, 
  2. the Memory craft machine has a long arm and will not fit into my mum's 1980s Horn sewing cabinet.
 It seems silly to have such an expensive and capable machine go to waste and so this week I used a 1 item only 25% discount coupon at my local Spotlight store to buy a portable bobbin winder. It is called the Sidewinder. Now the price sticker says $129 and there is NO WAY I would ever pay that price, so with my voucher it came down to $103.20. Now hopefully I can make an exchange and be able to borrow her long-arm Memory craft for a few months. 
While I was there I picked up some flat fats on special for $1.99 each.
And then some great poly viscose tartan to maybe find a great pattern to make a couple of skirts for Frances.
I would love for you to write a quick post about something new to your stash recently and link it up below. Tune in here again next week for a '4th of July' themed Sunday Stash post. You can grab the button if you wish.

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  1. It's so weird that it's already Sunday there! Still Saturday here for the next 50mins..sadly no new fabric to rave about =D

  2. I agree with Cherie! It's just turned 9pm Saturday here. I've already prepped my stash post for tomorrow's link up.
    That's so crazy about the price differences. Here that Sidewinder sells for $100 regular price. Have you tried it out yet? I bet it is nice. Are fat flats like fat quarters? I like your tartans!

  3. SOCK MONKEYS!! How cute!! And I hope you can babysit your mum's machine - how nice if you can! Just writing up my Stash post now :)

  4. PS - just tried to grab the button but the code is all wrong :(

    1. Aw thanks for letting me know Alyce...hopefully I can correct that somehow.

  5. Ooh hope your plan works and you get to use the fancy pants machine on occasion! ;)

    I was all set to link up a fab new pattern (paper piecing of course!) that I bought for Sunday Stash but when I opened the package, they sent me the wrong pattern. :(

  6. Ohh, just noticed Joann's has got some new DS Quilts items on their website. Haven't seen these in stores yet. There seem to be 4 different prints.


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