Monday, 25 June 2012

I Spy a Block

My second ever quilt was a green and orange I-Spy pattern for my eldest son when he turned 6 in 2010. My second I-Spy quilt was a blue one for my nephew last year when he turned 4. I still have a bit of fabric left in my stash for boys to spy with, thankfully.
Kristy from Quiet Play and I are collaborating on a quilt for 'Quilting For A Cause'. Kristy has already made up the fabulous front using the Zakka Style Block quilt and some rainbow charms. It looks so good with the grey sashing.

The project is due next month and I need to make the backing for it. So I fell back on my favourite block pattern for fussy cut I-Spy fabrics. It consists of:

One - 6 1/2" square
Three - 3 1/2" squares
Four - 2"x3 1/2" rectangles

Finished block size = 9"
I still have to gather some more fabric to make the rest of the back but these should look good as a strip across the width.

Quilt Club Australia - Handmade Swap
The post came today and left me a lovely new sewing caddy for my armchair. This cute little creation was a surprise from Anorina of Samelia's Mum. I have been using a little green plastic food container for my hand sewing - not very glamorous - that is why I requested something a little snazzier for my needles and threads. It's a definite upgrade.
The post went out today as well. I bundled up my item for my swap partner. The main piece I had finished earlier in the month but I had some leftover scraps and wanted to make something else to match. So I made a little mug rug. I can only show you the 'B' side so far - made with scraps of gingham - but the 'A' side is just as special. 
Yes, blogger doing it's turning thing again.
Kristy also sent me a few extra sweeteners to include with the two handmade items. I will be able to reveal it to you next week when my partner receives it and July begins. 


  1. Wow the fabrics on the I-Spy quilt are very unusual! Love the sewing caddy and the mug rug is cute! =D

  2. Love your new armchair sewing caddy, I really need to make one of them!

  3. Loving the I-spy blocks. Can't wait to see how they look on our awesome double-sided quilt ;)

  4. I'm hosting an I spy swap right now, if you'd like to join!


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