Wednesday, 13 June 2012

There is Still a Sun?

I saw it 3 days ago and then again today...nice to see that it still is out there across the solar system doing it's explosive thing. 

Works In Progress - WiPs

I have more this week than ever before I think.

Fussy Fairytales
I have to re-sewn one of the binding sections and then attach the label that I made on the weekend.

Zakka Zip Organiser
I have cut out all the material and am now ready to just get sewing.

Zakka Tweed Pouch
I have cut out the outer and lining panels, sewn on the corners and have completed hand stitching of the hexies.

Zakka Happy Handwarmers
I have nearly finished the embroidery for this project kicking off next week. 

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1 - Zakka Messenger Bag - see my post coming this Friday.
Currently in progress 3  - Zakka Zip Organiser 
                                               - Zakka Tweed Pouch
                                               - Zakka Happy Handwarmers
On Hold projects   1 Katie Jump Kites - top finished

How are you going with your WiPs this week? 
Don't forget Simone's great June UFO Challenge. Complete ANY outstanding unfinished project (started before June 2012) and put it in the running for some lovely fabric prizes. When last I looked, my Fussy Fairytales quilt was the only contender. So come on and join me at Local Honey Crafts.
Local Honey Crafts


  1. I've been hearing all about the wild storms Australia's been having, and feeling like the supposed-rainy season here in Japan has been rather a let down. I'm a storm-lover and wish I was back home just for them, haha!

    I'm very impressed with your dediation to the Zakka sew along. I don't think I have that kind of commitment!

  2. Sounds like you're feeling better? I'm impressed with your hand stitching. I'm hoping to learn a bit about it with the hand stitching class I'm signed up for. I like what you've picked out for your zakka organizer.
    Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway. Although, it no one else joins, you win all of the prizes! lol

    1. hehehe (evil laugh)...but truly I am happy to share the fabric love.

  3. Cool looking label, did you print it yourself?
    Loving the Zakka project fabric pulls. =D

    1. m um brought down her special Memory Craft Janome machine, so I made it with a scrap piece of Far Far Away 3 forest print and her machine. I didn't want to use a generic label for this needed to match. And the Zakka organiser is using up my first Heather Ross Munki Munki precioussssss!

  4. Ooh love the fabrics you've chosen for your organiser! Looks like a busy sewing time is in store for you :)

    Btw the sun's at my house today - need me to send it to yours tomorrow?

    1. thanks...he's shown up here this afternoon...looking a bit chagrined the naughty thing.


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