Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Freckles Stash

No not  a fabric stash. An egg stash.

The kids had noticed that the bright white eggs of Freckles were missing from the nesting box the past couple of weeks.

Now Freckles is an escape artist. She flies over the chook run fence which is 6.5' high.  

I often find her out by herself in the yard.

This morning she jumped the fence with a determined look on her face.

Then she went missing.

I was calling for her. I heard a little 'cluck' near the side fence but could not find her.

Then she emerged as the other chickens came around the corner.

She started her egg laying song.

I looked into the grasses and found her stash. 

13 Freckle eggs and 1 chocolate brown Bluey egg.

Knowing that if I made a rapid destash, Freckles would just find a new nest, I took out 12 and left 2. (While she wasn't looking of course).

Aren't chickens perplexing!

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  1. Hahaha! Funny story. I can't wait until I get my chickens - maybe next year! Freckles is a beautiful chicken. Thanks for coming over to see my blog - I enjoyed the visit!

  2. Quite a stash though! I didn't know chooks could fly that high!

  3. My aunt used to trim the wing feathers to keep hers from flying out the pen.

  4. Wow, that is a big egg stash! I found a stash similar to this once in our carport. Chickens can be so silly! Freckles is so pretty - I just love her feathers!

  5. Have you tried clipping Freckles wing/s so she can't fly!
    Sounds cruel - but if done right, you are only clipping dead feather not live stuff.
    Hmm, so what are you planning to make with all those eggs?????

  6. Thats a big haul of eggs! Freckles is such a cool chicken!! What breed is she? I recently watched a doco on the ABC about a chicken collector who drives around colllecting different breeds of chickens.

    1. I saw that too! It was such an interesting doco covering everything from heirloom breeds to depression. I spotted a few owners with aspergers! Freckles is an Ancona breed.

  7. I don't think I'll ever be involved enough with our chickens to be able to tell who laid which eggs.

  8. What a beautiful hen, worth hunting for! I guess you don't have a rooster version? They'd be the cutest chicks!


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