Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tree Felling

Tree Felling

It's no secret that I love native Australian flora. Our property has some lovely trees. It's also no secret that I am not fond of palm trees. Our property is full of them. They are in nearly every garden. So on the recent long weekend in early June I got Dean working hard to bring down the ones that we could manage ourselves.

The golden cane palms had to go! Pretty as they are, they just keep growing larger and larger in height and trunk base. I just don't think that they suit the front gate entry of our property with its 3 large eucalypts and grasses.

On the other side of the gateway was a bottle brush tree that I would like to keep as a bush. Trimming it will promote growth and hopefully some gorgeous flowers.

The golden canes around the pond.

The two Kentia palms on the eastern side of the house were not very healthy.

Some deciduous saplings planted in awkward spots also had to go. These two were planted on the south side of a huge pine tree. No chance of sunlight to thrive there. Unfortunately they were too large to replant.

I have been getting quotes from local tree felling businesses to remove the very mature 20m+Alexander Palms from around the front of the house. They cost between $80-$100 each and I have 15 right in the front garden butting up against the house. They constantly drop huge palm branches and seed heads and seeds onto the roof.One branch crashed down seconds after my eldest son had ridden under it. Potential killer - no thank you!

Then there is that nasty one, leaning over the back pond, that spiked me back in January. A dwarf Canary Island Date Palm with 4" spikes.

My finger swelled up and would not straighten or bend. The Hand Specialist in Brisbane thought I had a case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. (A very very nasty, excruciating and incurable auto immune condition - not what I did actually end up having - thank God). 



Thankfully I found some lovely Hand Therapists who have been working with me for the past 4 months. Everything from a lycra sheeth, a capener (a straightening splint), a flexion strap (a bending spint), hot wax, Theraputty and a wonderful machine that send an electrical impulse to combat pain relief - Interx.  My finger is almost straight, normal sized with a normal pallor and sensation. I still cannot make a proper fist but there is great improvement.  I am very thankful to not have CRPS and to have found care and rehabilitation therapy close to home.


  1. I'm not a palm lover either so I get why you're clearing them out. Bring on the natives! Glad your finger is improving, amazing how a little thing like pruning a tree can cause such a long term injury. That palm was just trying to keep you away from sewing I think.

  2. So glad you're finger is on the mend! For me, palms are really connected with holidays in sunshiney places rather than the potentially dangerous pest they are to you. Mind blown.

  3. I had no idea palms could injure a person so badly. Glad your hand is getting better!

  4. We just did the same with palms around the back, and also had one of those spiky monsters, ouch ! Did the spike go into your joint, this can be the problem you have.

    1. Yes right into the skin below the second joint (PIP) but not far. I thought I got it out but a later ultrasound revealed a tip was still inside. Even minor surgery failed to find it though.

  5. Those pesky palms ... I'm not a fan either. I'm glad you kept your bottlebrush though, they are lovely. We have loads of them here in Perth. Good to read your finger is on the mend :)


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