Saturday, 29 June 2013

Old Ben Kenobi

Have you seen the fabulous paper pieced patterns that Kristy has been coming up with lately? Lego Star Wars! Awesome!

She called for some pattern testers. I had to laugh when I saw the title "Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, I have no Face" linked up to her blog. It was from Snips  Snippet who was pattern testing Princess Leia.

Well sorry Snips but Obi Wan cannot help as he also has no face either!

Kristy's pattern is actually for the younger Ewan MacGregor version of Obi Wan Kenobi but I am more of a fan of the original Episode IV Obi played by Alec Guiness. 

So I had to make a few changes to his beard on the pattern (happily supervised by Kristy).

It was a little tricky to get the numbering correct. Good puzzle for my brain.

I am keen to work out how Lia mananged to use fabric paint to finish her Princess Leia block. Isn't she just fabulous? 

Update: Lia emailed me to say she uses potted fabric paint and applies it with the eye or point of a needle!

It will be challange to try that method. I was hoping to use my fabric Sharpies but they don't come in grey. I might wait until I do a few more blocks, invest in some proper paint and try Lia's method.

And how fabulous are these blocks already made by Kristy? Especially the light sabres. I love all of her pattern but I think these are my favourites now. Actually I love all her blog posts - they are usually very witty.

My boys are Star Wars fiends and so I am going to be making them a wall hanging for their room with all of these blocks. I might have to get the Wombat Stew girls to help me out when my turn comes around again.

Paper Piecing Party
Finally I can link up with this week's Paper Piecing Party over at Quiet Play. And SUPER TGIFF over at Blossom Heart Quilts again.


  1. *bows* thanks for featuring me ;)
    And I love how you changed up Obi-Wan! I also like the old movies more, so I've been planning to give him a grey beard once the patterns are out and will stick to the old characters as well :)

  2. Haha!! That's awesome, thanks for featuring me as well!
    I'm also only doing the oldies, love your pattern revamp! He looks amazing, even without a face :)

  3. Great paper piecing Fiona!! the Star Wars lego patterns sure have been fun!!

  4. Haha!! Love your post - made me laugh!! Love how your Obi-wan turned out - he looks fabulous and most distinguished. A paper pieced wallhanging sounds perfect. You can do it! I'll cheer you on! ;) The force is strong in this one.

  5. You're Obi-wan is looking great - I much prefer the original Obi-Wan too! Kristy's patterns are great aren't they?! I haven't tested any of the Star Wars ones but I currently have a faceless Wonder Woman I'm hoping to pop a face on this weekend!

  6. Well done. I'm happy to see everyones progress.

  7. Haha this is hilarious! Love how you adapted the beard -- every last detail counts!


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