Sunday, 30 June 2013

May and June Round Up

Some sunshine and gardening has kept me away from the sewing machine again these past two months.

Holidays - A long weekend to the Queensland Gold Coast to stay at Sea Word Resort with day trips into Sea World, WB Movie World and Wet n Wild fun parks.

Quilt - Polaroid 9 Patch. Blocks made by Quilt Club Australia Bee #1 members plus a couple of generous other bees - Waverlee and Christie.

Blocks - Dr Seuss, midcentury modern by Wombat Stew and Bee blocks.

Chooks - Two new layers, winter coats, curiosity, warm porridge, egg stashes, excavating in the gulley and pumpkin patch.

Harvest - avocados, davidson plums, mandarins, pecans, limes and oranges.
Planting - peach, pommegranate, orange, mandarin, daffodils, fresias, sweet peas, grevillias, pumpkins and sweet potato.

Weed Control - even in the cooler months there are many areas to tackle.

Down the slope with the weed eater, hand mower and sowing rye grass
Lantana in the gulley

Lilli Pillis
Palm Felling

Books -  I have reached my goal of reading 13 books in 2013. You can read my reviews on Goodreads


  1. Wow you have had a very busy few months! The gardening is looking fabulous!

  2. what a round up!! Such beautiful pictures!! Looks like your long weekend was lots of fun!! Your bee blocks are beautiful as well as your yard; It looks like you have a beautiful piece of property!!

  3. What photogenic chookies you have! Looks like you've been reaping a bountiful harvest this year with all your produce, yum!

  4. Not the worst things to keep you away from the machine! I've really enjoyed this picture round-up. Your harvest has left me all hungry and salivating. Best to have brunch now and boil some of my gran's chicken's eggs for dippy egg and soldiers...

  5. The polar bears at SW are just amazing! Love all of your sewing projects too.


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