Saturday, 8 June 2013

This Week in My Garden

We had three gorgeous days of sunshine this week. With no wind chill, Friday was so warm that it felt more like Spring than Winter.

I was looking forward to getting out into the garden. 

On Tuesday, I spent 2 hours sowing rye grass seed on the bare earth left behind after we lost the macadmia trees in January.

I had already sown a bag the previous fortnight but I needed a further two bags to cover the rest.

I had to get the hoe out to remove some pesky weeds. Unfortunately the local galah gang decided that they would like to help themselves to the free seeds too. 

I can't be too angry with these grey and pink parrots though. They are pretty darn cute.

Then I spent a further 2 hours mowing in the top avocado paddock and around the veggie patch.

Then after the kids came home from school I tackled the weeds growing out of control behind the rock wall. 

They were a metre high! I was surprised to find metre high cherry tomato plants as well as a small basil plant thriving amongst the weeds.

On Wednesday I went to a local nursery to buy some native plants suitable for behind the rock wall and down the slope of the gully. 

I spent about 4 hours with the hoe, the mattocks, the spade and the rake. I must have removed about 15 buckets full of soil from behind the rocks (better than a Bootcamp workout!) to try and fill the dips and divots in the pasture left by the grading of the excavator in March and April.

I had the delightful company of the chickens. Each time I left with the bucket, Bluey, Obama, Roosey and Freckles would jump into the worksite to scratch and peck for worms. They had a wonderful time!

I did not have enough time to plant the remaining grevilla and 2 ground covers this weekend but the weather is turning today and my plans for an outdoor Queen's Birthday Long Weeekend of gardening might be scuttled.

I did manage to move a few of the smaller grasses to create the border of the lawn area before the gully begins.


  1. Your garden is HUGE! Nice pics. Good luck with it!

  2. Your pic with the rainbow is beautiful. I love seeing your garden round the other side of the world and finally having grown up with Neighbours and Home and Away, I get what a galah looks like:-)

  3. Wow you have been so busy! I just love that first photo - beautiful!

  4. Your place looks beautiful! The lucky to see so many and what great photos! And I agree with the others the first photo should be a postcard. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog My Ordinary Country Life. Have a great weekend!

  5. Are you sure it's really only a garden and not a whole farm you've got there? ;) Love that first picture. So so beautiful.

  6. Lovely rainbow pic! I can't imagine turning my back on the garden and having a flock of parrots swoop in! :)


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