Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Stash #68

The Kate Spain Edition

A lot of you have been Kate Spain fans from way back. Many of you are celebrating all things Kate Spain with Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts this month - The Kate Spain Blog Hop.
Kate Spain blog hop

I have only a small amount of Good Fortune - bought from Alyce when she was de-stashing (maybe she regrets that now?)

I am hoping to use some of it for an upcoming project in the Zakka 2.0.

Last year I used a tiny bit and made something for my Kate Spain loving friend Kristy of Quiet Play. This is just one side of the pleated coin purse I made as her Secret Santa.

And look what Gemma of Pretty Bobbins made for me when we exchanged gifts in Noumea last September.

I use it to carry tea bags in my bag. Just perfect. Thank you Gemma.

Thank you to Allison of Dreaming in Patchwork who hosted Sunday Stash last week. And how wonderful to have nearly 20 link ups for her post.

From next month, July, Sunday Stash will be hosted twice a month - the first and third Sunday of the month. I will post an updated Hosting list soon. If you would like to host then please sign up below after these lovely hosts.

Now it's your turn to link up (not just Kate Spain fabrics, mind!) your Stash additions.


  1. Oooh, so much deliciousness! :)

  2. Gorgeous little bags, I especially love that little purse :)

  3. such a cute purse and bag. Good Fortune is one of my favourite fabric collections :-)

  4. Kate Spain fabrics are always so pretty! I think Serenade is my favorite :-)

  5. Kate Spain has become my favorite designer... I have a project underway using Serenade and I'm working to "backfill" what I can find of her earlier collections that I missed during my quilting hiatus. Love her work and your bag is adorable!


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