Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Stash #15

Textured and Tweed
This week I made use of my $40 off if you spend $100 voucher at out local Spotlight store. I was on the hunt for fabrics and notions for the next few Zakka Style projects. I found some delightful new textured solids and a delicious tweed.
I still have to hunt down some specialist bag-making pieces such as metal tri-bar slider and angular loop combo and a curved metal purse frame, but I did get a metre or two of fusible interfacing in medium and light and some better fusible webbing called 'Heat and Bond'.
This book was only $7.99 at my local Lindcraft.
Thank you to Simone from Local Honey Crafts and Susan from Patchwork and Play who managed to link up last week despite the hiccups in the display on my blog. I am hoping this week that the links will work properly.  

What do you have this week that you would like to link up and share?


  1. The striped bag looks like good one! And you can't go passed $8 for a great book!

  2. Ooh my first stash link up! Woohoo!

    Love those Spotlight vouchers. Glad you got some things for your zakka projects!

  3. Great new items there! =D

  4. Nice selection of fabrics Fiona. Great find with the book, too. Those look like some nice bags to make. Seems like we're like-minded with wanting to make some bags!


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