Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fairytales and Shadows

You've heard of 'Baster's back' or 'Baster's butt' (I needed yesterday off to recover from both). Today I want to introduce you to 'Quilter's neck.' It's an RSI ailment that mostly affects quilters with a short throat (not their  own but their sewing machine's). It comes from having to roll up the quilt's right hand bulk and keep it away from the walking foot using hand and shoulder tension. 
After completing 3 hours of straight line quilting SLQ 'Fussy Fairytales' today I am suffering from Quilter's neck tonight. Nothing that a good hotpack and some ibuprofen won't fix.
 I shadowed the ditch into the sashing. So the front looks like this...
 And the back looks like this...
 Then I tried my hand at hand quilting using some embroidery thread.
 It looks great on the front. (oh and that thread is left deliberately because I have no idea how to finish it off).
But inconsistent and crappy on the back.

I am afraid that I need to re-read the helpful hand quilting tutorial written by the pattern designer, Kate Conklin. 

This week's stats:
Completed projects ZSSA - Patchwork pencil case
                                           QCA Bee Scrappy Log Cabin - dedicated and a carry bag sewn.
Currently in progress   - 'HR Far Far Away 2&3 Fussy Fairytales' Straight line quilting finished today 2/5
                                                  moving on to hand quilting the windows and peekaboo squares.
                                               - Mystery Quilt - top pieced
                                               - Katie Jump Kites - on hold but missing fabric arrived this week.
New projects - Zero - and that makes me happy!

How did you go this week?

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  1. Hope your neck recovers quickly, that is one very pretty quilt!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! You're going to be so thrilled when it's done. I know exactly what you mean about quilter's neck - I suffer from this frequently!

  3. It is so gorgeous, though. If I was already buying fabric when these prints first came out, I would have been all over them. I have serious envy every time I see large projects made from them!! I've bought a few small pieces of the unicorn print, hoping to piece together a dress for my 6.y.o., but nothing like this.

  4. Hope you're enjoying your hot pad today! The quilt looks fantastic!

  5. The quilt looks like it's going to look amazing once it's finished! Hand quilting is often a pain in the butt, but relaxing all the one see's the back so admire the front =D

  6. OH!! It's going to be beautiful. I've been pinning Heather Ross quilts for a while, trying to decide just how to display my collection. Your quilt looks a lot like the one I want to make. So cute!! You're doing a nice job. I'm excited to see the final.

  7. So pretty! I have never done any hand quilting, but maybe if you can put it in an embroidery hoop it will help keep the back in the same place as the front (if that makes sense), because the front looks perfect.

  8. Yes I've been there with quilter's neck - ouch! But I LOVE the quilt and the quilting. I need to find more of that fabric so I can make a fairy tale quilt for at least one of my three girls.

  9. The quilt is fantastic looking!

  10. This is a beautiful quilt - love the fussy cut pieces in the "windows". Hope your neck feels better too.

  11. Oh you've made such great progress Fiona! Loving the SLQ. The hand quilting looks beautiful! I don't think the back is as noticeable because you have the print fabric and no one will look as closely at it as you will (except maybe your mum hehehe!). Get one of the kids to review it for you - kids are always brutally honest! ;)

  12. I love this quilt and the hand quilting truly complements it. Gorgeous! As for finishing off the thread, can you just tie a double knot then take the thread back through the same hole as it last came out of, take it under the quilt top for a bit, pull it out tight, snip it off and the end will disappear into the quilt. That's what I do anyway :)

  13. It's beautiful! I hate quilter's neck. I feel ya on that one.


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