Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Stash #12

This coming week's Zakka Style project is making good use of my Katie Jump Rope scraps and selvedges...but more on that later.
When I was planning and cutting fabrics for the 'Kaleidoscopic Kites' pattern, I found that the Fat Quarter bundle I had bought from eaudebean on Etsy did not have the full range of greens. I was able to find a nice Spotlight range, Denyse Schmidt green vine to also throw in but not much else.
So to Etsy I went and found some of the rare Katie Jump Rope green prints at Blijie Oliphante. Store owner Kit was kind enough to include the sweet 'ribbon flower' print as a special request. 
This week 'I love Patchwork' arrived from the Book Depository. Mystery class teacher Lisa had showed me her copy and I went right home and ordered it. Authored by Rashida Coleman-Hale, it is her first Zakka style book, and it has 21 small Zakka projects to make.

So once the hand quilting (and there has been hours and hours of it this weekend) and binding of the 'Fussy Fairytales' quilt is done I can finish the cutting preparation on 'Katie Jump Kites'. I can't wait!

What's new in your stash this week?


  1. Wow the quilt looks better each time I see it!
    Some lovely fabrics and good choice on the book =D

  2. Your quilt looks so great. It's making me wish I had more of those Heather Ross prints. I love those KJR green dots, but I've been resisting!
    It's funny you should post about the I Heart Patchwork book. I have a post still in draft mode that talks about that book and my plans for some of the projects in it.

  3. Looking great! I've been looking at the book depository too, and have some books on order. May have to revise my list :D

  4. Love those greens! What's new in my stash is that same book. I'm also hooked on Zakka I guess :)


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