Friday, 4 May 2012

Block it Out

My 'Fussy Fairytales' hand quilting continues at a slow pace. It may take me many weeks to finish it. But it is kind of relaxing to sit and sew in a comfortable chair watching a movie.
At the moment my husband and I are watching the first series of Game of Thones. I am not liking it very much - must be the sexist storyline and the fact that only one of the characters has anything that I admire (Jon Snow - and I am expecting him to have some huge flaw emerge in the next few episodes). I  bought my father the book series last year for Father's Day but I am not sure if he has read them all. The other series I am watching as I hand quilt is called 'Barabarians' by the History Channel. It is informative but not gripping me either. Maybe I just don't ruffians in general.

QCA Bee Hive #1 - May 
It's was kind of nice to get the tutorial from Bev - a scrappy Disappearing 9 Patch - as it is was nice to have an achievable project to do today.

Craftsy BOM - May Log Cabin and Wonky Log Cabin

I skipped last month's blocks but it was nice to get back to Amy's tutorials and put together my first improvisational blocks. And for some reason the 2nd photo has loaded wonky! Not intentional I can assure you...but very appropriate.
How my Craftsy blocks look together so far
A Special Gift
Today my husband dropped off this quilt to a cafe in Woodburn. It was the February quilt made by the QCA Bee Hive #1. It is s bright and colourful scrappy log cabin quilt that we are giving to special local mum of two, Kayla. 
Kayla is currently in her second battle with Leukemia and has to be away from her kids in Brisbane while she undergoes aggressive treatment in the hospital. It must be very difficult for her and we all hope and pray for her healing. Meanwhile we are glad to give her a lovely bright quilt to take with her as she has to sit with tubes in her arms.
I wanted the quilt to be easy for her to carry and so I cut a up-cycled pillow case in half and made it into a drawstring bag.
The good news this week, Dani (her best friend) tells me, is that Kayla is doing so well that not only is she able to keep food down and keep her doctors very happy but that she is strong enough to have her kids come and visit her as a special treat.

Thankfully I can (technically) link up this week with TGIFF...this week at Quokka Quilts...


  1. Your Craftsy BOM's look fantastic. Love your colour scheme. That's a shame that you aren't enjoying Game Of Thrones. Don't worry about Jon ;)

  2. I love your bright log cabin :)

  3. Wow, what a wonderful quilt for Kayla. It's so cheerful and fun. I'm sure she and her kids will enjoy it very much! Great job, Fiona!

  4. It's so bright and cheerful. What a special gift!

  5. I absolutely love your log cabin. It's beautiful! I think it's great that you are hand quilting your fairy tale quilt! It will be extra special! You have a very special blog! PS I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones, either......even though my family enjoys it!

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    2. Thanks Deborah...I like the look of hand quilting and it is looking very lovely on this pattern. Yes I am not sure that I will watch any more of the GOT episodes - too violent, graphic, confronting, coarse and sexist for me. I kind of feel like if I watch it, I am endorsing these behaviours somehow. Lord of the Rings is soooooo much better for characters to admire.

  6. The quilt is gorgeous! Love the scrapiness of it. What a thoughtful gift =D

  7. Your hand quilting is looking lovely - that's going to be a lovely quilt when it's finished!

    Great to hear some good news about Kayla! I hope the quilt is a blessing to her with all its bright happy cheer.

    Your BoM blocks are coming along beautifully! You've had a productive week!

  8. Oh i'm so glad that quilt has gone to a good home. Do post this post inthe bee group. Thanks for linking up :)

  9. thes are great projects you are working on....i love that quilt

  10. What a special person you are to share a beautiful quilt with someone who is going through a hard time. I am sure your generous gift is being appreciated by the recipient. It was also thoughtful of you to include a carry bag.

  11. Oh that's lovely. Your blocks are inpiring.


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