Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Zakka Style Pencil Pouch

To Do First

May already! Time for a new list - or at least an updated list. I am going to try and be realistic this month - thank goodness for 31 days!
  • Zakka Style Sew Along (ZSSA) weeks 5-9
    • patchwork pencil pouch
    • itty bitty quilt block magnets
    • raincloud mug rug
    • messenger bag
    • zakka block quilt
  • Quilt Club Australia (QCA)
    • May Bee block - scrappy disappearing 9 patch
    • Handmade swap - to a partner due June 30th
  • 'Mystery' quilt - to add borders, baste and quilt
  • 'Katie Jump Kites' quilt - to finish cutting the rectangles
  • 'Fussy Fairytales' quilt - to SLQ shadowing the ditch and windows. Then add some hand quilting around the blocks and peek-a-boo border pictures.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours on my hands, knees and butt basting this huge 'Fussy Fairytales' quilt featuring Heather Ross' Far Far Away 2 & 3 prints. The quilt top was actually put together by my talented mum and she modified Kate Conklin's pattern by substituting 1/4" flat solid window borders with a folded and floating version. 
We had planned on making one quilt each. But before I could even start mine, she had gone home and whipped hers up in a matter of 2 days! Then she phoned me and asked if I wouldn't mind cutting up some more fabric and sending it up to her via the post. I couldn't be bothered cutting from the stash again and so I cannibalised my precuts and sent them all up. This then made her version much wider and longer too.

I am no longer going to try and make another version of this quilt but I will finish my mum's version - which is adorable. So I have pieced a simple back and will use some straight line quilting to shadow the ditch. Then I am going to try my hand at hand quilting using Kate Conklin's tutorial.

Zakka Pencil Case

This was a lovely little project and I can see why some of the other people in the Sew-Along have made more than one version. In fact I made more than one version myself.
I stuck with my Far Far Away fabrics and made use of their cute selvedges. I used the op-shop linen from the Sewing Kit and some of the leftover cotton prints from it too. I pieced the back because I did not have enough linen and I wanted to use up a nice panel of FFA.
I ended up using leftover 21/2" strips of batting and spray adhesive. With this extra buffering they are perfect for my rotary cutters. 

There are some really, I mean really, cute versions of these pencil cases on the Flickr group if you are interested to see the variety.

How are you going with your version?

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  1. So cute! Making use of the selvedge is a great idea. I also love the idea of using them as rotary cutter cases!

    Your mum's quilt is beautiful. I love the theme. I have to admit, I got exhausted just looking at all those safety pins!

  2. Cool idea, I have to do one of those too!

  3. I love your versions of the pencil case...brilliant to use one for a rotary cutter. The style of cutter I have is too wide, but I'm thinking of getting a new one, or just making another pencil case a tad bit wider, just so I can store my cutter in one. Thanks!

  4. Great cases, and perfect for your cutter! Mums quilt is lovely- what a show off! LOL!!

  5. The quilt is gorgeous. Can't wait to see that completed...Love the cases! What a great use for selvedges! -D

  6. Oh the pencil cases turned out great! Great idea to make it as a rotary cutter case.

    Can't wait to see the Fairytales quilt all done - it's a lovely collaborative effort ;)

  7. Love, love, love your pencil cases! I almost used some Far, Far Away on mine, but ended up switching at the last minute. Absolutely beautiful projects on this post!!

  8. Hello there. Saw you over at fresh sewing day. Your quilt is wonderful. I have seen so much out of the far far away fabrics, but have never actually seen them in person. I think I missed out : (

  9. Wow that is a mammoth To Do, good luck. I love that quilt so much, your mum did a great jab and I cant wait to see yours, gorgeous. Thanks for linking up :-)


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